Tips for Moving Pets Safely Across Country


Pet care and safety should be on the top of your mind when moving to some new country along with your pet either for vacation or relocating at a new place that involves air travel. Since pets are part of your family, you would surely like to ensure that your beloved pet enjoys a comfortable journey much like you, and the only way of ensuring it is to trust the job with some international pet movers.  The task becomes a little more complicated if pets are traveling by air for the first time, as it would require some proper preparation to get the animal ready for the flight. Since pets fly along with cargo, you must have the appropriate kennel approved by the airline with suitable arrangements for ensuring comfortable travel for pets. 

Besides engaging a trusted pet moving company to handle the physical aspects of pet travel, you must do some preparatory work to meet all compliances in the country of origin and the destination. 

Visit your vet

The most important thing to ensure when taking your pet along with you when moving across countries is that the pet is in good health and can withstand the stress of travel. Seek advice from your veterinarian to keep your pet content so that it can enjoy the journey, especially during the time it stays away from you when traveling by air. It is good to have the pet de-wormed before leaving because parasites can weaken the immune system that would already be under some compromise due to the stress of travel.

Sometimes the vet may administer some anti-anxiety medication to keep the pet calm during travel, and indeed the vaccinations must be up to date. Some countries may also insist on Veterinary Health Certification to allow [pets enter the country.

Get an airline-approved kennel or crate

Pets travel in crates or kennels specially created to suit air travel, and you must get one for your pet to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Get the kennel or crate a few days in advance so that you can train the pet to become familiar with it that makes its adaption easy. The pet must be convinced about the ease of spending time in the abode to consider it a safe place. The more time the pet gets to explore the kennel or crate easier, it will be to move the animal, and you must ensure to make the place as much cozy, comfortable, and attractive as possible. 

Know the legal requirements

Know the legal requirements of traveling with pets so that you have time to comply with everything. Some countries’ procedures might be lengthy as much as 6 months for countries like Japan, and you must know the timelines so that you can match it with your travel plan. You must make the arrangements by considering whether you want the pet to travel along with you or would not mind if it reaches you sometime later. 

Before the travel, ensure that you have all documents with you and do not forget to use a pet tag for easy identification.

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3 years ago

you need to responsibly prepare for the transportation of your pet

quentin mozej
quentin mozej
3 years ago

The need to transport a pet arises in connection with moving, a trip to the country, vacation and in other cases. For any pet, moving is stressful, which can be detrimental to the pet’s health. Therefore, it is very important to comply with all transportation rules. For example, I have shishillas. Transporting chinchillas within the city, as a rule, does not present any particular difficulties. The only thing to consider are several factors: the method of transportation, distance, weather conditions. The shapes and sizes of cages depend on the number of animals transported, as well as on the method of transportation. By the way, when I needed to buy a cage for chinchillas, the article Best Chinchilla Cages to Buy in 2020 helped me a lot. For longer transportation, the necessary precautions should be taken. In winter, do not allow animals to cool down (may cause frostbite, colds). The cages are prepared appropriately depending on the mode of transport. When transporting by road in winter, as a rule, there are no problems, chinchillas tolerate transportation in the passenger compartment well. If you are outdoors for a long time, the cages must be insulated, and hay should be used as bedding. clinging to it, the animal retains heat significantly. In the summer, you should beware of high temperatures. Heatstroke is highly likely to occur at high temperatures. To avoid troubles, you should choose the weather for transportation, cloudy days, evening time. Nowadays, many cars are equipped with air conditioning, which is certainly a great help when transporting chinchillas.