Ram Duriseti shares easy spiritual hacks to live well during COVID-19 phase


2020 is the perfect embodiment of the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” The scary news updates, threats of community transmission, uncertainty of when the virus curve will flatten, and lack of a proper medical cure is making everyone continuously worry. Even though people appear calm and caught up in daily errands and jobs on the surface, they can actually be in complete shock and stress. Now is an excellent time to adopt a spiritual way of life to bring peace to the current chaos.

Ram Duriseti suggests spiritual ways to live better

Constant uncertainty creates palpable energy. The only ways to tackle this is by thinking beyond everyday mundanity and invite a sublime power to govern things. Holistic healers often suggest surrendering to the Universe during a crisis and use instinct as a guide. According to Ram Duriseti, it is essential to follow the practical ways of staying safe. Clean and sanitize your immediate environment and follow distancing rules. Simultaneously, it can be beneficial to adopt a spiritual approach to life and make small shifts within.

A few easy spiritual hacks you can follow during this challenging time are as follows:

  • Practicing gratitude

Have you been endlessly worrying lately? If so, it may be time to shift your thought lens and begin looking at everything differently. Gratitude calms your inner turmoil and helps you focus on the better aspects of life. Take a sheet of paper and write down five things you are grateful for every day. You can always add more points or repeat a few you are thankful for. This can help you to feel relaxed and shift from a zone of fretting to a state of feeling happy and hopeful.

  • Meditate daily

There are multiple meditation types to follow! If you are a beginner, take time to opt-in for guided meditation and visualization mp3’s. These are easy to follow and prevents you from getting distracted. You can find several guided visualization and meditation recordings online that varies from ten to twenty minutes. There are several apps to choose from as well. Take time to browse through the different meditation tracks and select one that you find easy to follow without getting bored or distracted.

  • Read before and after sleeping

Most of us are continually checking the news and social media updates before we sleep or as soon as we wake up. We don’t realize that this practice can subconsciously add to our worries and fears. Now is time to correct it. Use this time instead to read a few pages of a book. This practice can help you learn to channel your thoughts and energy better. You can plan your day, follow it proactively, and loose no time to procrastination.

  • Pray daily

Prayer helps you surrender to a higher power. It opens your mind and heart towards identifying and receiving favourable outcomes. When you pray for the world, your compassion increases, then increasing feelings of love, care, and warmth. 

As the pandemic outbreak is interfering with people’s peace and mental clarity, the above-mentioned spiritual tactics can help you live stress-free during these difficult times. 

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