Tips For A Long-Distance Move


A long-distance move is not something that you should plan at the last minute. Most people are aware of this, but they are still not fully prepared for this type of move. If you have never moved long-distance before, it is easy to become overwhelmed. To reduce the stress of this type of move, you need to follow some tips which cover aspects of the move you might not have thought about before.

Do Not Forget Moving Insurance

A lot of things can happen to your possessions when you move, and you need to have insurance to cover this. Professional moving companies will have insurance, but you need to double-check this. When you speak to the moving company, you need to find out what insurance they have and what it will cover. 

When you hire a qualified moving company, they will also have insurance covering their drivers and other moving personnel. This means that if there is an accident during your move, you will not be liable for the costs. This is very important because you do not want to face medical bills for someone injured during your move. 

If the company you work with does not have adequate insurance for your needs, you have to purchase your own. Your homeowners’ insurance may have coverage for this, and you need to check that. If you have high-value items that you want to move, you should get additional insurance to cover them.

Never Pay Cross Country Movers Upfront

Most reputable moving companies are not going to ask for any money upfront. They will only require payment upon delivery of your items. This doesn’t mean that there are no reputable companies that do not require an upfront payment. If you are requested to pay upfront, you need to consider the amount.

The amount will tell you a bit about the company and how reputable they are. Avoid large, upfront payments. These companies will have less motivation to deliver your items in a timely fashion because they have the bulk of their money already. If you are asked to pay upfront, it should only be a small percentage of the total moving costs.

Ensure An Inventory Is Taken

You need to take an inventory of all your items before you move. It is recommended that you take pictures to show the state of the items before they are packed onto the moving vehicle. This is particularly important if you have high-value items or large furniture.

The moving company should also do an inventory as everything is being packed onto the moving vehicle. Most reputable cross country moving companies will do this, but not all of them will take the initiative. You may have to request that this be done.

It is important that you do because it provides you with recourse if something goes missing or is damaged in transit. If there is no inventory, the insurance company will not compensate you for any damage or loss. The inventory serves as proof that the item was taken by the movers.

Contact The Utility Companies

You do not want to leave contacting the utility companies too late. Many companies require a notice period before they will turn off the utilities in your old home. You may also face a waiting period for connection of the utilities in your new home if you wait too long. It is advised that you contact the utility company a few weeks before your move.

When contacting the company to turn off the service, you should ask for this to be done the day before your move. This ensures that you never pay for a service that you are not using. This is also the date you should ask the utility company to turn on the services in your new home. 

When it comes to your phone and internet, you need to contact the company in advance. These companies will generally have a wait time for connecting your service at your new home. Contacting them beforehand will reduce the amount of time that you are without this service.

Think About Accommodation

You might need to spend a day or two in a hotel when you move. This is more common when you are moving across the country because you could arrive at the new location before your possessions. You may also be too tired from the move to get everything set up in your new home.

The accommodation you choose should be close to your new home and booked in advance. If you are arriving at the same time as your possessions, you may not need accommodation if you can get your bed set up. In these situations, you should have a first night box ready. 

As the name suggests, a first night box will have everything that you need for the first night in your home before everything is unpacked. You need to have toiletries, cooking items, and bedding in the box. This will reduce your need to book accommodation.

Change Your Address

Remember, you will need to change your address with a lot of companies. One of the most important will be the US post office. You need to fill out a change of address form with the post office before you move. This will reduce the chance of your mail ending up at the old address, and you won’t have a hard time getting it.

You also need to change your address with your bank, employer, cell phone provider, and any other services you have. It is suggested that you make a list of all the companies with your address to ensure that you contact them all. This should be done at least a week before you move to give them time to change everything. 

There are a lot of tips that you need to know about when it comes to a long-distance move. These moves are hard, and you do not want to forget anything. It is recommended that you create a checklist to ensure you do everything that you need to before you move.


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Cara Queen
3 years ago

Moving is stressful, there is no doubt about it. No one enjoys the mess and chaos of a move, especially a move out of state. Thank you for sharing these tips!

Marina Lavender
3 years ago

Any long-distance move is definitely not a piece of cake. Each person has different needs. Long distance relocation requires more attention than a local move due to more things that can go not according to your plan. You better rely on professionalism of moving company to handle this kind of situations.