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Even though it feels like we have just been stuck in March for the last 200 days, the holiday season is very much upon us, and though wallets may be a bit thinner than years prior, the amount of folks deserving of gifts certainly is not. Those loved ones in the public health sector tasked with fighting the pandemic first-hand are probably on top of most people’s lists for gift giving, and after a year unlike any other, they deserve it!

One of the negative parts of the holiday season is the fact that more gatherings will almost certainly result in more work for the aforementioned essential heroes, so the first gift you can give them is responsibility and attention to social distancing practices and PPE. In addition to that, here are some great gift ideas for those people in your life who helped keep this country moving during the worst pandemic anyone currently on earth has ever seen. 

A Staycation!

Of course, this needs to be done in a coronavirus-friendly way, but AirBnBs and hotels are held to very high sanitary standards in order to stay open, so a night away from the stress and new normal might be just what the nurse or doctor ordered for the nurse or doctor in your life. AirBnb offers touch-free gift certificates, as do Uber and Lyft. Figure out if their favorite restaurant in town offers delivery, and your staycation gift is complete. 

A Future Vacation

Things to look forward to haven’t been in particularly high demand for essential workers, so setting them up with a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel can help them stay focused and give them an added level of motivation. Flight vouchers can be a little pricey, but can generally be used at any time, so knowing that they have free transportation waiting for them when the pandemic finally ceases will open up their options for a much-deserved vacation. 


For many, shopping for shoes can be just as fun as wearing them, but we aren’t talking about getting them the freshest designs on the market, here. Being on their feet all day makes for quick work when it comes to sneakers, so show your support by asking their size and getting them a durable pair of sneakers to make their long days a little more comfortable. 


Even before the pandemic, stress for nurses tended to be higher than it was for those not in the healthcare industry. The calmness that a candle brings is twofold, as the smells can help reduce stress, and even just the flicker of light adds peace to a room. Coupled with some soothing music, and a candle can be a ticket to relaxation. 

Bath Sets

Bath sets also pair well with candles and music, and if you really want to up your loved one’s ability to relax, bath sets come with all of the essentials to give yourself a nice spa treatment, outside of an extra set of hands to do some massaging… but self-massagers aren’t very expensive either!


Just like shoes, healthcare workers are going through scrubs at quite a clip right now, due to both the excess work, and the heightened levels of sanitization that must be adhered to. Unlike shoes, scrubs need to be washed, too, so even if your loved one’s uniforms are looking fantastic, an extra pair or two means an extra day or two without having to do laundry. 

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, all of these gift ideas help the people working frontline jobs get a little bit of relaxation. Depending on the person, relaxation may come from jumping out of an airplane, so be creative with your ideas and put yourself in the shoes of someone working 16 hours per day. More often than not, something that will just give them a brief escape will be held in very high regard as far as presents go.

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