10 Common Places Where Addicts Hide Their Stash


Typically an addicts life is a very secretive life yet interesting one. Most addicts will go for years before anyone even suspects of anything apart from maybe a keen mom. An addicts stash is the most important thing to them, they will track you down till they find you if you mess with their stash. However, it cannot be kept right there in the open. Here are a couple of perfect hiding spots that they use. However, all hope is not lost for addicts as they can get help and get back to normal with the help of ambrosiatc.com. They have the best rehab facility, staff, and program that you need.

  1. In Toys And Dolls

There is no better way than hiding something in the open. Many people will not suspect a toy to be a hiding place but it actually a perfect hiding spot. All it needs is a nick on a doll or a crack on a toy just enough to fix it. Normally these toys are kept either very up high or under the bed.

  1. Posters And Wall Hangings.

This is actually a trick I have seen in a couple of movies where someone hides something right there behind a painting and it is never found. Addicts have actually borrowed this and it works well for them.

  1. Mattresses

This is a prime spot for hiding a stash preferably even a big one. Mattresses are good in concealing stuff when they get the right cut and with a well-spread bed, it would be the last place to suspect, but yes it works.

  1. Books

The fact that many people hate reading books is a universal fact and having this in mind, addicts get this to be a prime hiding spot. They may slice the middle pages such that it can hold a stash without looking bigger than normal. It is not a new thing to see that they even use bibles to conceal it.

  1. Bathroom Toilets

Bathroom toilets are not the perfect place to hang out and this means fewer people will visit the bathroom and spend very little time there. This makes it the perfect place to place a stash. It also has the retrieval privacy.

  1. Vents

Vents are very easy to open and put back they can actually be used to hide something for a very long time without even people noticing. They also keep the stash clean and fresh.

  1. Vehicles.

Despite the risk or running into a security checkpoint, addicts till use vehicles to hide their stash. Vehicles have a lot of spots to hide it, practically any place can be used.

  1. Candy Rappers

This is also a prime spot for hiding drugs just in front of everyone’s eyes. Some drugs fashioned like biscuits or pills can easily be replaced with candy and no one will ever suspect.

  1. Wardrobes

In the midst of all those coats and pants, there is one that holds the jackpot. This place has the benefit of overcrowded cloths hence creates a kind of camouflage for the stash. Normally these wardrobes are usually locked.

  1. Old Boots

Some of these old accessories are actually what holds the jackpot. They are an ideal place to hide as people will not be interested in them as opposed to new shiny shoes.

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