Things to Check Before Calling an Air Conditioner Repair Contractor


An air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home. That’s the reason why you should ensure it is well maintained. You don’t have to wait until your AC unit breaks down before you start looking for someone to check on it.

In case you suspect that there’s a problem with your AC unit, the first thing is to check several things to know exactly where the problem is. Don’t rush to contact a technician before you find out the source of the problem.

Several signs can show your air conditioner is not working properly. Some of the signs include bad smell, poor air conditioning in the house, unusual sounds, high energy costs, and dust on the surfaces, among others.

Below are some of the things to check before contacting an air conditioner repair contractor:

Confirm if there’s electrical power in the house

There are many instances where homeowners call repair companies claiming that there’s a problem with their HVAC system – only for them to come and find out that there’s no electricity in the house. That can be so embarrassing, right?

Sometimes it might even be a disconnection of power to the HVAC system. First, it is important to check that there’s power in your house and that it is well connected to the air conditioning system before you call an AC repair company. To know more details check

Check the air filter.

Before you pick that phone to contact an air conditioning repair contractor, you should first check the air filter. The air filter is one of the most important parts of an HVAC system. 

Besides keeping the unit clean, it is also responsible for filtering the air in your house.

The air filter will usually malfunction if there’s improper airflow. This means that the air filter won’t be able to keep the unit clean and filter the air in the house – resulting in a breakdown of the air conditioning unit.

Fortunately, this is something you can fix by yourself. Calling a technician to do the repairs will only cost you a lot. 

All you need to do is remove the air filter and thoroughly clean it. If the filter appears worn out, then the best option is to replace it. To prevent the problem from reoccurring, ensure that you regularly clean your filter.

Check if there’ any blockage in the condenser unit of the AC.

The condenser unit usually turns to be a breeding ground for debris. As long as the air conditioner is stationed outside the house, there’s a likelihood to accumulate a lot of dust and debris. Therefore, you should check the AC unit to see if anything is causing the blockage and obstructing airflow.

If that is the case, then clean the condenser properly and remove anything that’s causing the blockage. Besides that, take a look at the condenser coils and wipe them – to allow proper cooling.

Check the circuit breaker.

Another thing you should check before calling for help is the circuit breaker. You may probably know it as a fuse box, although fuses are rarely in use nowadays.

In case the circuit in the breaker box of your air conditioner has tripped, then your system won’t even come on. The best thing is to reset the breaker. 

Nonetheless, you should note that a circuit breaker trips typically for safety reasons. If the breaker keeps on tripping, you should probably call in an electrician to check the problem.

Check thermostat settings

Before you decide to contact an air conditioner repair contractor, try to check your HVAC machine’s thermostat settings. The fun is supposed to turn on by itself every time you turn on the air conditioner.

You should ensure that the unit is set in a cooling mode and also confirm the temperature settings. Ensure that the temperature settings are lower than the temperatures in your room.

Check the condensation pump or AC unite drain line.

Most HVAC units have water safety switches designed to prevent them from working if there’s water leakage. If you check and find water in a pan underneath then unit, then it is a sign that your drainage is clogged. 

All you need to do is empty the pan and clear the drain line by flushing it. This should get your AC system functioning properly.

Check if there’s any blockage in the return grill.

An air conditioner works correctly if there is the right amount of air moving out of the room continuously. The return grill is where the air flows out – and if it is blocked, it means the air will get trapped. This will increase the temperatures in your room even if the AC is on.

The only thing you can do to correct the situation is to clear the return grill and allow adequate air to flow out. Check the return grill and ensure that’s nothing is hindering the air from moving out properly.

Additionally, ensure that you avoid blocking the return grill with things such as furniture or anything else that may hinder adequate airflow. You should keep them at a distance to allow hot air to escape the room and keep your room cool.

Check if the thermostat has batteries.

Sometimes your system might go off or fail to function normally simply because there are no batteries in your AC’s thermostat or run out of energy. 

Before you think of calling someone to pair your unit, ensure that you have checked if the batteries are there or not. Try to change them and see if there will be any different.

In general, an air conditioning system is a very important appliance in your home. That’s why you should always ensure that it is functioning properly to avoid breaking down when needed the most.

There are several signs that will always tell you something is wrong with your AC unit. This may include bad smell, unusual sounds, and high energy costs, among others.

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3 years ago

This is true, but do not forget that all your household appliances need regular prevention, not just when the air conditioner does not turn on or dryer not drying clothes. do not delay the check, because it is much easier than buying new equipment