Keep feline invaders out of your yard with a cat deterrent


To deter cats from invading your yard you fist of all need to make sure it’s clean and decluttered. This will go some way to reducing the visits from wandering and stray cats.

Smell Attracts Cats

A good start on this is a policy of not feeding your pets outdoors in your yard. What the food’s smell does is attract other animals. When you have used your outdoor BBQ grill, give it a thorough clean to remove any tasty food bits, and to minimize any food smells. It’s also wise to ensure your trash is stored securely. This is so cats are unable to rummage through your waste.

If there is any chance of urine spray staying on doors and walls, spray it off when you detect it. Urine spray is what cats do to mark out their territory. The best way of cleaning is with an odor neutralizer that is enzyme-based. This will wash away any telltale territorial markers and prevent any repeated spraying.

Other Attractions

Cats stalk and prey just for fun. So try your best to ensure your yard is inhospitable for any of the types of critters that our cats like to chase. This means clearing away any clutter which can provide a harbor for mice and all the other small prey that will encourage cats to go in hot pursuit.

Holes that give access to garages shed and other areas like under decks or porches need to be repaired or boarded up. Bird feeders should be made safe with the use of feeder baffles. If possible they should be placed where cats won’t be able to reach the birds.

Carve out a Cat-Friendly Area

If you are happy for some cats but you want to stop too many cats from causing problems in your yard, create a separate area. You can do this by planting a bed of catnip plants in a corner of your yard.

The rest of your yard can then be left alone by making a sandbox for any cats and keeping it near these catnip plants. The sandbox will attract any cats to poop.  

Curb the Stray Population

If you have a yard that attracts strays and other people’s pets and any feral cats, in addition to the tactics suggested here you should seek out the best outdoor cat repellent at this site.

Engage with Your Neighbors

By working with neighbors you can prevent their pets from invading your yard. Talk to the neighbors about preventing their pets from coming into your place. Suggest to those who have indoor-outdoor cats that they fit their pets with bells and bright collars. This will help protect any birds in your yard.

Call in the Authorities

If you live in a community that has laws and regulations ask the authorities what can be done to prevent any wandering cats. There are bound to be measures you can take. You should also support your local cat shelters because they will then be able to take care of more strays.

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