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Riders around the world have their favourite types of motorbikes to ride. Some prefer tucking down low over a fuel tank; others like screaming down the front straight of the local track. Some riders also prefer shaking rumble below and before them as they devour the miles cruising down the open road. The remaining ones simply prefer the enjoyment of small, agile motorcycles, which serve as a great distraction from life’s stresses.

However, one of the most common types of bikes many riders worldwide ride is a dirt bike. It is a variety of off-road bikes, including mind-boggling features, high performance, etc. One such dirt bike creating great buzz among the off riders is the 2022 KTM 250 XC-F.

The KYM 250 XC-F boasts a state-of-the-art engine management system, a durable 250 cc 4-stroke engine in pit lane, and high performance, race-bred chassis setup. Here’s everything to know about this two-wheeler.


The power delivery of this bike remains smooth from top to bottom. It features a fair amount of low-end, a strong midrange, and an endless amount of top-end and over-rev. The meat of the power band is the top-end, and the Brembo hydraulic clutch of the bike keeps the rpm there, maintaining its smooth and easy pull. On higher-speed trails and motocross tracks, the bike’s power band is exceptional. It successfully continues pulling all the way to the rev limiter in a predictable manner.

The six-speed transmission of the bike makes it shift smoothly while maintaining its versatility. Hence, it works well on rough trails and terrains. You can successfully maintain the good speed of the bike using its second and third gear. The fourth gear is suitable for long straightaways on the track. The bike also features fifth and sixth gears that work as overdrive gears for high-speed, wide-open, and fire-road-type sections.


The suspension of this bike leans more toward comfort rather than its performance, boasting softer settings than its counterparts. The fork has good bump absorption, gobbling up small trails, irregularities, and braking bumps easily. The bike successfully maintains a plush feel on larger impacts like drop-offs and slap-down landings.

The softer setting of the fork remains the most noticeable on the track when overshooting short on a jump. The shock absorbs trail obstacles, braking bumps, and acceleration chop in the rear. When riding over obstacles, the shock helps the rear of the bike stay planted and drive up the obstacle.


The 2022 KTM 250 XC-F handles precisely and intuitively. It features impressive straight-line stability and responds quickly on single-track trails. The bike’s chassis remains well-balanced with the sag set at 105mm. The manufacturers have introduced Brembo brakes in the bike, making it remarkably powerful and superior to others. They are progressive enough to be easily modulated. The manufacturers have also improved the bike’s ergonomics. A slimmer radiator shroud area is an example.

The seat is plenty and extremely comfortable. This bike also features a Neken handlebar having an average rise and making it a comfortable bend for many riders. The 2022 KTM 250 XC-F boasts other ergonomic features: the ODI lock-on grips, hand guards, larger fuel tanks, 18-inch rear wheel, and skid plates.


It would be fair to call the KTM 250 XC-F a great all-around dirt bike. It successfully handles faster-paced trailers and feels right at home on a vet-level track. It is a great option to split your time between the track and trail. The above-listed features and specifications of this bike make it a good buying option. Maintaining it is no rocket science. You can look for its maintenance accessories at MXstore.

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