The never fading popularity of artificial eyelashes has a long history


Cultures have always played a critical role in driving women’s desire to stay and become more beautiful with its roots embedded in civilizations. Feeling beautiful is a personal choice of women who should feel empowered to decide how they want to stay beautiful. Every woman tries to improve their facial looks by focusing on the eyes, which are the most expressive organs that define a beautiful face.   Many women consider the eyes to be the window of the soul. So, they try to maximize their expressiveness by making it look captivatingly beautiful in color or shape and communicating powers. Beautiful eyes create irresistible attraction, and women are always searching for beauty measures that can help improve the appearance of the eyes to make them more attractive.

For thousands of years, women have been looking for creative ways to enhance their eyes and lash that improve their beauty quotient. They kept experimenting with various ways of expressing their beauty through multiple measures in body modifications and enhancements. Eyelashes contribute immensely to beautify eyes, and augmenting them with eyelash extensions has been an age-old tradition in the beauty industry. Many fashions and beauty trends fall out of vogue. However, something like the Deka Eyelash Extensions – Raleigh NC has a timeless appeal, as evident from its long history that dates back to the early civilization during the Egyptian Era.

The early days of enhanced eyelashes

The Egyptian Era – Much of modern fashion and style has its roots in history. Makeup and beauty tricks go back to many centuries and have been part of society for much longer than you think. The history of eyelashes began during the Egyptian era as early as 2500 BC when it was the norm to use ointments and brushes to achieve fanned-out and fluttery looks of the lashes. During this time, tinting of color treatment was popular among both men and women. 

The Roman Era – The trend of long eyelashes continued through the ages and was prevalent during the Roman Era, too, when ultra-long eyelashes were the epitome of fashion. All the efforts in maintaining long eyelashes revolved around natural techniques as artificial eyelashes were unknown, and there were special social overtones attached to it. The famed philosopher Pliny the Elder described the significance of lengthy eyelashes as a reflection of chastity vows and maintaining a moral lifestyle.

The Middle Ages – During the Middle Ages, there was a reversal of the trend, and long eyelashes were no more the focal point of fashion. Instead, women were more obsessed with their foreheads. Yes, beautifying the forehead was the fashion trend of the times, even though it might sound crazy. To make the forehead most visible and the central point of attraction, women, did not hesitate to shave their eyebrows and even pluck the eyelashes. Strange it may sound, but you know well that truth is stranger than fiction.

The 19th century – During this period, the world saw a turnaround in the fashion and beauty trend, and the early 1800s signaled the return of beautiful eyelashes and lush enhancements.  Women sought lash extensions by using human hair glued to their eyelids. The technique did not work well due to problems of allergy and infections and waned away soon. Another failed experiment of extending eyelashes by stitching it to the eyelids with a needle during the end of the 19th century paved the way for artificial eyelashes.

The birth of the artificial eyelash industry

The beginning of the 20th century saw hectic activities in the fashion and beauty industry that led to artificial eyelashes for the first time. A famous Englishman hairdresser Karl Nessler was the first to discover a patented process for making and weaving fake eyelashes way back in 1902. It triggered a wave of innovation in the field, and in 1911 a Canadian lady named Anna Taylor created the first patent for artificial eyelashes. She used a fabric material to create a tiny crescent to which she attached tiny hairs. These were the baby steps for creating a new industry that would take the world by storm.

The Hollywood movies promoted artificial eyelashes

As it always happened, Hollywood once again was a trendsetter in fashion and beauty by embracing the latest trend of artificial eyelashes that the women in the film displayed with aplomb. Hollywood film producer DW Griffith became a pioneer during the 1916 movie shoots that focused on improved eyelashes that looked extremely beautiful.  He was the first to notice something amiss on Seena Owen, a silent film actress, and he zeroed on the feminine and beautiful eyelashes. Griffith decided to give a makeover to Seena’s eyelashes. He instructed the unit’s wigmaker to create eyelash extensions using a combination of human hair and gauze and gluing it to the lady’s eye line for the film.

The business takes off

The trend of enhanced eyelashes set by Hollywood continued during the following decades and gained more popularity during the 40s and 50s. The beauty industry latched on to artificial eyelashes’ business potential and started experimenting with various techniques of eyelash applications. Eyelure, a company formed by the Aylott brothers, British makeup artists, was the first enterprise to manufacture false lashes. 

The 1960s was a watershed year for the eyelash manufacturers as the beautiful artificial eyelashes of Elizabeth Taylor, who portrayed the eponymous role of Cleopatra in the Oscar winning movie, mesmerized the world. It signaled a new wave in the popularity of artificial eyelashes that grow at an astonishing pace until it became a rage in the following decades. 

The business of false eyelashes boomed in America by the end of the 60s, and big brands of the fashion industry like Revlon, Max Factor, and Elizabeth Arden minted money by selling the products. The ever-increasing popularity of artificial eyelashes maintained its momentum in the new millennium, too, and even after two decades of the 21st century, the lure of artificial eyelashes is still irresistible to women. 

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