The Mommy MD Guide to Getting Your Baby to Sleep So You Can Too, tips, tricks, stories and more !



Wow, I wish these type of books were available back when I had my children because trying to get my little ones to sleep was a journey within itself for me.  One thing I do know for sure is most babies do not have a regular sleeping cycles until about 6 months of age, and every baby sleeping pattern is different. My daughter Alissa was the type of baby that would wake up during the night and go right back to sleep but Lex, boy that girl would wake and stay up all night long.

Her sleeping pattern left me so tired and to be honest uptight at times since I couldn’t sleep. I tried many methods on my own but some worked and some, well let’s just say some didn’t work for me. Well today we now have many great resources like The Mommy MD Guide to Getting Your Baby to Sleep So You Can Too book.



The Mommy MD Guide to “Getting Your Baby to Sleep So You Can Too” share over 400 tips from 38 Doctors who are mothers too. These tips are methods you can tryout to ensure a restful night for both baby, mom, and dad?

I had a chance to read “Getting Your Baby to Sleep So You Can Too” and before I even begin to get deep into reading I was impressed and very happy with their first statement: This book is intended as a reference volume only, not as a medical manual. The information given here is designed to help you make informed decisions  about your family’s health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your family’s doctors. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, we urge you to seek competent medical help. I love that they noted this in the beginning informing everyone that this is just a reference volume not a medical manual.

The book starts from Chapter 1 which is about Newborns & Sleeping to Chapter 24 Preschoolers And Beyond: Solving Preschoolers’ Sleep Challenges.

The Mommy Guide “Getting Your Baby to Sleep So You Can Too” goes on to talk about Sleeping in the Hospital: For those nights when you and your baby are in the hospital, your chances of sleeping are better. There’s a slew of highly trained labor and delivery nurses right outside your hospital door ready to assist you with whatever you need to make you comfortable. Even if it’s taking your new bundle of joy to the nursery so you can get some rest.

Next useful tip I read was Tweaking the Temperature: At nighttime, set the temperature in your home between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s the ideal sleeping temperature for adults. And always make sure not to overdress your baby during the night per  Dr Rebecca Kempton, MD. She goes on to say how she always maintained the temperature between 68 and 70 in her baby’s room, this tip in return helped her little one sleep.

I love how the book also focus on us parents too, mentioning how it’s good to  give yourself a nice relaxing bath or facial  to help while preparing yourself for a restful night. I know for me I always tried to take a hot bath before bedtime and I can actually say it helped me a lot during those difficulty nights.

Another good sleep tip I think all parents need to abide by is Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps! My mom use to say this to me all the time, but as Dr. Edna Ma, MD states even though we have a millions things to do the most productive thing mom can do is nap herself. I was one of those moms who always, I mean always found something to do instead of napping myself.

The great thing about this book is every tip, trick, and story you come across is great advice for both mom and baby. The book has many great stories, tips, and tricks that are simple to implement into your daily routine and I’m also confident that with the education of all the 38 doctors and their experience, there’s no doubt in my mind that these tips won’t help mommy and baby have a long healthy life!

The Mommy MD Guide to “Getting Your Baby to Sleep So You Can Too” book goes on to even mention how to dress baby for bedtime, why it’s good to have a baby video monitor, breathe in the soothing scents of essential oils , balancing screen time and sleep and much more.

All of these Doctors share so many personal stories of their challenges about getting their baby and themselves a good night sleep. So many topics they touch on like: naps, illness, and crying. They go on to discuss about celebrating when their babies slept through the night, date nights with their partners, and transitioning their toddlers to beds. Their implied advice is: I made it through this pesky problem, and you can too.

Mommy MD Guide also have other great books moms will enjoy reading like:

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I enjoyed reading through “The Mommy MD Guide to “Getting Your Baby to Sleep So You Can Too” book, so much knowledge and great tips. I remember not too long ago reading  The Mommy MD Guide, Your Baby’s First Year book.

Mommy MD Guide to Getting Your Baby to Sleep, is available in stores and online plus they have a new book coming in 2017 called Mommy MD Guide to Morning Sickness, which is being co-published with Preggie Pops.

You can connect with The Mommy MD Guide via Facebook | Twitter | Pinterets| ShopTheMommyGuide

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Cheryll Shubert
Cheryll Shubert
4 years ago

This sounds amazing! My little guy just won’t sleep…he still gets up 3-4 times a night so by the time I get him back down and fall asleep. He’s up again. Sometimes I just cry, lol! I would LOVE this book!! I’m already thinking about buying it. Thank you so much!!

4 years ago

Hi Cheryll, I saw your comment, and you made my day! thank you so much! I hope you’re having a great day! Mommy MD Guides coauthor Jennifer Bright Reich

Jennifer Reich
4 years ago

Hi Cheryll, I saw your comment, and you made my day! thank you so much! I hope you’re having a great day! Mommy MD Guides coauthor Jennifer Bright Reich

Elissa Mahler
Elissa Mahler
4 years ago

These books sound like they could be highly helpful with getting little ones to sleep.

Susan Smith
Susan Smith
4 years ago

I was told to sleep when my baby was sleeping too but I have difficulty doing that as I kept thinking of things I should be doing instead of sleeping.

Amber Ludwig
Amber Ludwig
4 years ago

Ooh really great tips!! This would’ve come in handy with my son big time!! Even now some nights he struggles lol!

4 years ago

What great information! This sounds very useful! 🙂

Ashley C
Ashley C
4 years ago

As a first time mom, I think I will need to keep all of this in mind in the near future!