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Searching for a music school does not seem much of a challenge until you consider the different results this simple mix of search terms can bring about. Irrespective of the browser and search engine you use, when you search for “music schools” on Google, a mishmash of results turn up that includes music conservatories, music colleges, and community music schools like Grace Music schools on Long Island. All community schools specialize in providing professional music lessons to the general public.

Most music schools on Long Island, offer musical instrument classes and voice lessons to children, adults, and senior citizens. Some have specialized voice coaching classes for advanced singers and performers, but they do not provide the same level of intensive training music conservatories and colleges do in the USA. When you are combing through the different music schools on Long Island, do not forget to check their certifications, experience, and reputation among the local talents. While the community schools do not have the same accreditations music colleges and conservatories have, the students of the former institution are either beginners or hobbyists, who do not need the long hours of music theory and dedicated coursework.

There are plenty of music schools on Long Island, but not all of them are equal. How is it possible for a complete beginner to find out which school is better the rest? There is one question you might want to ask – “can the students of XYZ music school play music well?” Finding the answer to this question usually makes the expectations of a music school quite clear. If the students of a music school cannot perform satisfactorily even after extensive periods of training, then it might be wise to consider another music school. Recommendations and references are always important, but unless the students of a music school can play music well, there is no reason for a potential student or parent of a student to pick that school.

Here’s a comprehensive list of to-do’s that should help you find the right school –

Check online reviews

One way to ensure the quality of lessons is by checking their online reviews. The school’s reviews on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google My Business should be able to tell you what the students, parents, and competitors are saying.

Check out a recital or performance by a student

You can always ask the music school if their students perform live. Go to one of the students’ concerts and find out what you like or don’t like about it. Sometimes, it might be difficult to determine the quality of performance, if the genre is new. Therefore, we urge you to give a Long Island music school a couple of tries, if you want to judge them by the quality of their students.

Watch their YouTube channel

Almost all music schools on Long Island worth their salt have a YouTube presence. They upload performance pieces, vocal training tips, and piano lesson practices and live feed from their classes almost regularly. If you cannot check out recitals, it is a great idea to check out videos of them on YouTube. If the Long Island music school you have chosen does not have an online presence, be very skeptic about them!

Set up interviews with the teachers

Before you sign your child up for new music lessons, try to talk with the teachers. Find out about the different methods they use to teach beginners. Find out about personal lesson plans and extra practice classes for your child before you sign up. Setting up an interview with the teachers to speak face-to-face can help you make the right decision for your child or yourself.

Speak with the students

Are you looking for piano lessons for your child? Are you looking for voice lessons for yourself? No matter what music lessons you are looking for, try to talk to the students of the music school on Long Island. Ask them about their experience in the school and why they prefer that school over others. Find out about their musical abilities. Speaking to the current students about their goals and experiences can help you make the right choice.

Consider the mission and vision

When you have completed all the steps we have mentioned above, consider the mission and vision of the school. Sometimes, you may end up with the wrong lesson plan or music teacher even with all the research. Considering the mission and vision of a music school is essential. Unless you concur with their view, it may be difficult for you to feel comfortable during class and make the best of any opportunity. A school that has a well-defined mission will also help the students set goals for their future.

When you have narrowed the list down to a final two or three, find out all you can about the school’s owners, teachers, and past performance histories. Never choose a music school on the basis of its distance from your home or its location on Long Island. Judge it by the students, teachers and the experience it offers to the current students.

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