The Five Best Things To Do In Leicester


If you are planning to visit England then don’t forget to go to Leicester a unique city that has a wide range of visitor’s attraction and awesome activities to enjoy. The city has the finest English traditions with different cultural activities that you will love to explore and see. It’s the city that is full of tourism points. Curve, high cross Leicester, museums and galleries all are the point of interest. Along with festivals and live music, venues are some other things that you must not forget to watch.

On reaching following five things to do in Leicester will make your trip awesome and refresh your soul as well as mind.

  1. National space center

For those who have love with science and fiction then they must visit the national space center on priority. It’s the UK’s largest planetarium having six large galleries as well as 3D SIM ride. The iconic 42m high tower has amazing things that you will love to see and enjoy. The world-class building offers a free show to see the whole planetarium. Along with for refreshment you will find the café. The home to two rockets have 42 m in air and have the shape of the semi-transparent pillow.

  1. Curve

In the heart of the Leicester, you will find the large spectacular building known as Curve. It is the award-winning winning building having a unique building. You can enjoy the full theatre-making process, behind the scene processes or you can meet their celebrities getting ready for shots or enjoying coffee in the café.

  1. Orton square

If you want to enjoy the whole Leicester view at one point then Orton square is the perfect spot. This location is surrounded by cafes. Restaurants, theatres, art galleries, and bars. The lush green gardens, the awesome views and traditional outlook all are enough to gather the outclass memories.

  1. Golden Mile

For foodies, this is an awesome place to visit. The type of market has many Indian restaurants to overcome your cravings for Indian traditional foods. You will not get the food over there but also, it’s the best place to buy spices, clothes, and other accessories. Walk-in these streets of Leicester to collect gifts for your loved ones.

  1. Grand union canal

To enjoy the walkways, Leicester is an outstanding place for visitors. The canals that run from London to Birmingham passes through Leicester thus adding the beauty to the city. It offers nice and quiet walkways other than the busy noisy city. By walking through the canal side, you will see other places of attraction like Space Centre, Abbey Park, or the Aylestone Meadows nature reserve. So, plan a day tour towards the canal side to visit these places and make your day awesome.

Leicester is the city of lively people. They frequently arrange festivals and events. Morover, when you plan to visit the Leicester first check the recent event of the city so that you can book the ticket before reaching to enjoy the festivities of the city.

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