Top Five Oldest Senior Citizens In The World


Most people will not live to see their 100th birthday.  However, there are a few seniors who have managed to live well past their 100th birthday. Below are five of the oldest living senior citizens in the world:

Jiroemon Kimura

Jiroemon Kimura is from Kyoto, Japan is 115 years-old. He will celebrate his 116th birthday on April 19, 2013. Not only is he currently the oldest living man, but he is one of the only six men to live past the age of 114. Jiroemon has survived many ordeals, including a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that killed 3,000 people back in 1927.

He credits his healthy diet for helping him live a long life.  He worked for 40 years as a postman. He is the father of seven children. Two of his children preceded him in death. He also has 15 grandchildren. One of his grandchildren preceded him in death. Additionally, Jiroemon has 23 great grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

Misawo Okawa

Misawo just celebrated her 115th birthday. She is the oldest living woman in the world. She also resides in Japan. She stated that the secret to living a long life is paying very close attention to one’s health. However, Misawo has admitted that she pretty much eats what she wants as long as it is made in Japan. Her favorite meal is mackerel sushi.

Maria Redaelli-Granoli

Maria is 113 years-old. She will celebrate her 114th birthday on April 3, 2013. She is the oldest person in Europe. In addition to being one of the oldest people in the world, she is known for being an avid fan of the Inter Milan football team. The team was founded nine years after she was born.

Elsie Thompson

Elsie will celebrate her 114th birthday on April 5, 2013. She has been living in the same condo for 40 years. The condo was purchased by her late husband. Elsie spends her days walking, taking naps and spending time with her friends. She also enjoys singing church hymns. Her favorite foods are coffee, salmon,chicken and coffee.

She married the love of her life back in 1921. Her husband spent 25 years serving in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Elsie stated that she considered herself a career hostess during the time her husband served in the House of Representatives. She stated that loving people is her secret to longevity.

Jeralean Talley

Jeralean Talley will celebrate her 114th birthday on May 23, 2013. She resides in Inkster, Michigan. She had a very active lifestyle. In fact, she participated in bowling on a regular basis until she was 104 years-old. Her husband preceded her in death back in the 1980s. Jeralean is the mother one of daughter, who is in her 70s.

She has stated that her belief in God is the reason that she has lived such a long life. Jeralean has problems with hearing, but her memory is still intact. She also stated that she has always treated people the way that she wanted to be treated.

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