The Ej Dalius List of Pro Tips for Leveraging Social Media to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level


For most small business owners, social media is the most attractive marketing platform due to the huge popularity of the leading networks. However, the world of social media can be somewhat bewildering for small business owners, as it can be difficult to decide on a viable social media marketing strategy that can cut through the noise of the competition and attract the eyeballs of the target audience. Some effective tips for increasing the market presence of your small business on social media:

Select the Right Network

Since there are far too many social media networks for you to be present on all of them, you will need to choose the most promising platforms before you start your marketing campaigns. You need to be present on the networks where your target audience is because otherwise, you can easily spend your entire budget and time in creating content and trying to engage with an audience that is simply not there, warns Ej Dalius.

Create an Action Plan

You cannot just start posting content on the platform of your choice without first preparing an action plan. Unless you know your marketing objectives, you will not be able to decide the tactics that will achieve those results. This means all good action plans should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Timely). They will enable you to focus on your core objectives rather than get distracted by chasing the number of followers or likes. It is important to use analytical tools to evaluate your marketing performance so that you can tweak the variables for better results, says Eric J Dalius.

Generate Content That Engages, Advises Eric Dalius

Among the most critical elements of your social media marketing plan is content. You need to create content that attracts the interest of your target audience. According to, the content has to be relevant, fresh, captivating, and also compel followers to convert. The content must be very attractively presented with the help of images, videos, infographics, and other visual elements, including your company branding to that your posts have a distinctive identity so that they catch the attention of users more easily among the flood of posts in their feeds.

Post at the Right Time and Be Consistent

To prevent wasting your marketing budget, you need to establish the times when your target audience is most active on social media so that they have the best opportunity to see your posts. While there are several surveys, you can refer to, the best way is to experiment with your posting schedules and find out for yourself the time of the day, you get the best response to your posts. Posting just two or three times a week is enough, however, you have to follow a consistent schedule so that you are always on top of the minds of your customers.


Marketing on social media can be tricky unless you know what to watch out for. Going into the campaign blindly can only lead to complete wastage of precious time, money, and effort for which, you could pay a very hefty price in terms of loss of revenues and market presence.

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