How EJ Dalius thinks entrepreneurs must go about their social media marketing?


Small business or start-up entrepreneurs have to focus on online marketing sooner or later! And that’s when they need to say yes to social media marketing. Today, most people have their social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Hence, entrepreneurs must tap into this endless pool of customers and plan their social media marketing strategy correctly. It will help them to connect with a vast user base and convert them into loyal customers or followers. 

Social media marketers consider themselves lucky for being able to reach a significant fraction of the user base through social media posts. Also, the entire industry today is evolving and changing at a fast space. Hence, social media strategies are useful for keeping up with the latest social media trends and changes.

Entrepreneurs can develop a social media strategy in the EJ Dalius way

Sometimes, entrepreneurs find it complex to decipher the entire process of creating a social media marketing strategy. Most people opt-in for a professional service provider. However, before you seek professional help, it is essential to address a couple of things by yourself. It will help you get you clear about your social media strategy and might also help you give shape to the same.  A few factors that entrepreneurs like Eric J Dalius consider essential are:


  • Generating a new-age social media marketing strategy


Do you want your small or start-up business to gain prominence? Do you want maximum visibility? If yes, having a smart social media strategy is essential to accomplish all your objectives. The social media marketing plan will function as a roadmap that will help you to gain all your goals within a short time. And before planning the marketing campaign, make sure you go the Eric Dalius way. That means, ensure that you determine three essential things:


  • The reason for your being social


It is necessary to know all that you wish to accomplish. Do you want to have a social media profile solely for the sake of it? If yes, then you might be wasting your time and resources that you could have used elsewhere.


  • How do you wish to attain success?


Here you need to think whether you wish to join hands with successful social influencers? Also, you need to think about considering paid advertising or not. If you want to opt-in for it, you need to fix a budget for the same. Make sure to select the correct social media channels and post compelling content. 


  • How are you planning to measure social media initiatives?


It’s a smart call to resort to data for all your decision-making! You need to decide on the key-metrics and objectives. Also, do break all the procedures into days, weeks, or months based on your requirement. You should also concentrate on daily activities and keep the big picture in mind. It will help you to work accordingly.


  • Build up authentic connections


The new-age users are cyber-savvy and can easily look through a robotic voice that brands use to up their sales. Users today want to get connected to a more humanized voice that sounds real and authentic. Hence, a challenge that brands are witnessing today is getting connected with the target audience at a personal level. It helps in gaining more organic traffic and also enhanced lead generation. There are several ways to execute this. Few of the methods are:

  • Develop qualified leads
  • You can send personalized messages
  • You can add a relevant context for every conversation
  • Enhance the customer service experience
  • Keep the conversation going

The social inbox is useful to manage all the conversations in a single place! It helps you to decide whether to build or create another group in one or more than one social media channel. Decide how you want to establish a community and choose accordingly. 


  • Cut through the noise


Several brands compete to gain maximum user attention. And most of these brands are sharing and posting together. It creates social media noise. Smart brands would want to stand out and cut through this noise. For this, you need to use compelling content that informative and entertaining. You can even make use of Infographics, Stories, live streams, 360-degree videos, and 3D images. It will help to keep your audience engaged, informed, and entertained at the same time.


  • Be original, and that wins most followers


Social media engagement doesn’t happen in a single day! You have to dedicate yourself to the process. It will take some time, and gradually you can see all the positive results. And allotting the time becomes a challenge for most entrepreneurs. It’s a smart decision to hire a social media manager if you think you aren’t able to manage the task by yourself. Also, the manager must make the posts original and real. Creativity is essential to capture the heart of the audience. You can use advanced tools to make your social media posts engaging and unique.

You also need to follow the golden rule of content here! It indicates that your content should be authentic and original. Copied or plagiarized content will not work in any way. Make sure that your content has correct grammar and that there are no syntax and other errors in the post. You can also leverage video content to gain more prominence. When it comes to images, use HD quality pictures as that creates a better impact. 


  • Growing social reach


Simply creating and sharing the content isn’t sufficient. If you don’t promote the content, your social media profile will not have much traffic to count on. Make sure to partner with influencers and improve all your content. Make sure that your target and the existing audience is getting to know your brand and marketing message and connecting to it as well. You can also resort to email marketing if you think it will help to grow a network. Share your social media profile link with the email for people to follow you.

These are some of the pointers that entrepreneurs need to think to get started with their social media marketing strategy. It’s best to manage all you can yourself. Join hands with a professional social media marketer when you need specialized help and assistance.

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