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As parents my husband and I have always taught our children at an early age to be kind, positive, helpful, generous, polite, loving and most of all thankful.

I’m sure many parents have said the same exact thing to their children, words like be “kind to your sister or brother and play nice”. So I pose this question to you today, is kindness something we can really teach?

In a world in which we live in today seems like kids are mean and thoughtless by their actions to others. It bothers me to hear my children come home from school or from an event upset about how nasty another child was to them or someone else. I believe being taught to be kind, positive, helpful and loving should start at home. You have to experience it at home in order to take those positive, helpful, vibes out in the world. If you research today, statistic will tell you that bullying is a big concern here in the United States, our children are experiencing a huge amount of violence and death in and out of our schools.

What if I told you there is a way to start teaching your children at a very early age as to how important it is to be a productive, kind individual. Well with the use of the The BuzzyLuvz® Children’s Kindness Six Book Series and the cute bumble bee characters, I’m sure you will achieve this lesson in no time.

I can hear you asking tell me more about the BuzzyLuvz® Children’s Kindness Six Book Series? Well BuzzyLuvz® is working to resolve this issue by focusing on the root of the problem: our children’s core values.


Now let me share a few of the BuzzyLuvz® Children’s Kindness Six Book Series. We have:

Book 1: Bee Helpful


Book 2: Bee Generous


Book 3: Bee Polite


Book 4: Bee Loving


Book 5: Bee Positive



Book 6: Bee Thankful


The BuzzyLuvz® Children’s Kindness Six Book Series are a series of lessons of kindness which are brought to life by colorful cute little bumble bee characters. Through these bumble characters, your children can learn how to recognize kindness and take more action towards being kind to their siblings, friends, family, and classmates.  The collection will be a great gift for any parent and child especially a new mom. I actually think this series should be in every classroom setting so our children can not only have Kindness taught at home but reinforced at school as well.

The creator Marnie Howard believes that kindness is the solution to bullying!

Here’s more about Marnie Howard Story.


Marnie Howard currently resides in New York City and is actively involved in several children’s charitable organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Project Sunshine and Little Lighthouse Foundation. In addition to her elementary school substitute teaching experience, Marnie Howard has 20 years of sales and marketing expertise in the advertising, pharmaceutical and real estate industries. She is the author of the book Giving is Living: 101 Ways to Practice Effortless Generosity (released 2009) published by Hatherleigh Press and distributed by Random House. Originally from Colorado and having lived in Denver, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and traveled to over 20 countries, gives her a unique global perspective on kindness in the world we live in today.


I agree with Marnie Howard, teaching our children the main fundamentals of being kind, positive, thoughtful, and generous at a very young age will help to create a peaceful environment where future generations can survive and thrive.


So buzz over to the BuzzyLuvz® website today to make your purchase and connect with them via Facebook | Twitter| to keep up with the latest.

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