The Actionable Things to Do When You Suspect a Partner of Cheating


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Ensuring you can move forward in life when you suspect a partner of cheating can be one of the toughest things ever, but there are so many things to remember when the parent of our children commits infidelity. There are so many key steps to take when you suspect your partner of cheating, so let’s show you exactly what you need to bear in mind: 

Make Sure You Have Solid Evidence First

It can be easy for our imaginations to run away with us. We need to look objectively at the situation and determine if there are any signs of cheating that can be explained by other reasons. In the realm of divorce laws adultery needs to be proven, and the filing party must present sufficient proof that the other party had sexual relations with a third party, and this means you’ve got to look for concrete behavioral changes rather than just relying on a gut feeling. If you have solid evidence, you can then directly confront your partner and ask them to admit it, but it’s very likely they will deny or deflect, so be ready for this. 

Have an Open and Honest Conversation

Having a conversation about the behaviors that are concerning you gives them a chance to explain themselves before you jump to conclusions. It can be so easy to confront someone and force them to admit it, but when it comes to the topic of confrontation when there are children involved, we should avoid confronting them immediately or involving the children because this is an issue between the two of you and should not be brought into the parent and child relationship. If you confront your partner immediately or you broadcast any suspicions, this could escalate the situation unnecessarily. 

Get Professional Help (if Possible)

You may very well feel like, despite whether your partner was actually cheating or not, professional help, such as relationship counseling, is something that can certainly help bring issues to the surface. There can be a number of issues in any relationship, and when there are children involved, you will have to decide whether you can both agree to work through them together. Relationships are things that require work, and even if a partner has not committed infidelity, that doesn’t mean problems don’t need addressing. 

Focus on Your Emotions

If your partner has cheated, it is vital to remember that even if a partner has committed infidelity and they try to blame you, it’s never the fault of the one experiencing the betrayal. Take the time to focus on your own emotions and learn to heal. When experiencing these emotions, it is vital to approach the situation calmly and to have an open mind, rather than jumping to conclusions or taking drastic actions. When we accuse a partner of committing infidelity, this can certainly wreak havoc upon a family, but it’s vital to focus on your children’s and your own well-being as a priority.

It’s one of those things that people can dread, but there’s always a solution, even if it doesn’t feel like it now.

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