Teaching Your Teen To Stand On Their Own Two Feet


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Teens have to learn a lot, and they have to learn it fast too! The teen years bring all kinds of changes, as well as studying and exams, and the need to very quickly decide what to do with the rest of your life. That’s a lot to try and manage before your 18th birthday – no wonder the emotional outbursts are always dramatic! That’s why parents need to show their teenagers how to do a few things, to make the onslaught of life a lot easier to cope with. 

Show Them How to Take Care of Dust

Dusting is a bit of a forgotten art – most people just put the vacuum round and use antibacterial wipes these days. But when you know how to use a duster and spray polish, your home is going to sparkle. 

Make sure your teen follows you around on a couple of occasions and let them try this combo out for themselves. Let them know how many times a week they should ‘dust’, and also where dust is most likely to collect and cause a nuisance. 

Put Them on Laundry Duty

Learning how to wash and dry your own clothes, as well as how to get a difficult stain out, is one of those underrated life skills everyone needs in a pinch. That’s why your teen should be on laundry duty every once in a while. When the time comes to move out and they’re looking at loft apartments to call their first home, it won’t be very independent to ring you every 5 minutes asking if something can go in the washing machine! 

Mistakes are OK

Making a mistake is part of life, and it’s not a total disaster if you do make one. Teens can get a bit confused about this, but the more mistakes you make, the more you learn and the more you grow! Teach them to approach mistakes in this positive manner. It’s OK to not know something or to look ‘silly’ in front of someone, especially if no one is getting hurt. And even if they do, they can always apologize and try again tomorrow. 

Make Sure They Know How to Stand Up for Themselves

Standing up for yourself takes a bit of practice and a lot of confidence. Your teenager may never have needed to do so before, so make sure you teach them what it takes. Let them know looking someone in the eye and telling them they’re wrong is just fine. If you know better, you’re allowed to say so – it doesn’t make you awkward, obnoxious, or a know-it-all! 

And if they’ve been accused of something they didn’t do, they’re certainly allowed to say no. They don’t need to try and ‘people please’ here, and they certainly don’t need to let someone else (a boss, a friend, a partner) make all the decisions in their life.

Life lessons come a-plenty. Make sure your teen has had a few before they move out.

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