The 10 Best Takeaway Restaurants in Coomera


Takeaway food joints and restaurants have taken over traditional restaurants long ago. The customers have the luxury of eating their food in any place they like. If you are looking for the best takeaway restaurants in Coomera then read this article till the end to find the best one.

Finest Takeaway Restaurants

There are hundreds of takeaway joints and restaurants in Coomera but in this list, you will find the top 10.

  • Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.

If you love fast foods then Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. is one of the best takeaway joints for you. They serve mouth-watering and juiciest burgers in Coomera. You can also order French fries and many salads for Lunch and Dinner and that too within a reasonable price. They also serve many vegetarian meals and you can also choose gluten-free foods. 

  • Dragon Cove Chinese Cuisine

There are very few takeaway restaurants that can compete with the delicacies served at the Dragon Cove Chinese Cuisine. They focus on Asian foods like Pork dumplings, Sweet and Sour Pork, and several varieties of seafood. So, if you are craving some seafood, then the Soya King Prawn of this restaurant is the best takeaway food in Coomera.

  • Anchor Buoy Cafe & Bar

Nothing is better on a winter morning than having some contemporary Australian cuisine at the Anchor Buoy Cafe & Bar. This takeaway joint serves several types of items for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner. You can try their pizzas and cakes if you want some quick breakfast for your office. If you want some heavy lunch then go for the Salt and Pepper Calamari along with a Thai chicken burger. 

  • Positano’s Pizza Pasta & Italian

The best place for some delicious Italian food is the Positanos Pizza Pasta & Italian takeaway food joint. As the name suggests, you will get varieties of pizza, pasta, salads, and several Italian cuisines within minutes of ordering. 

They also serve many delicious desserts that can cater to your sweet tooth. They are also known to have the best customer service in the entire Coomera.

  • Black Sheep Bistro

The Black Sheep Bistro focuses on providing high-end meals at low costs. So if you are looking for some takeaway foods for celebrations and parties then this is your best option. They serve various delicacies like pies, cakes like pumpkin granola with coconut yogurt and fresh peaches. You can also get heavy foods for lunch and dinners like Gnocchi Gorgonzola and Figs, Steak sandwiches at low prices.

  • Ginger Indian Gourmet

If you want to have some traditional Indian foods for your lunch, then order from the Ginger Indian Gourmet. It is one of the very few takeaway restaurants in Coomera that serves high-quality Indian food. You will get rich and spicy but healthy Indian meals at an affordable price. You will also get Pakistani and Afghani foods like Sunheri Khasta and Afghani chicken. They also serve rogan josh and tandoori quail but you have to order them beforehand.

  • Cafe Two Coomera

The Cafe Two Coomera is one of the takeaway restaurants where you will get hundreds of varieties of food items. They serve all types of beef burgers, club sandwiches, plates of seafood, open grill items, toasts, salads, etc. They specialize in serving both traditional and contemporary Australian foods so it has something delicious for your whole family.

  • Nahm Thai Restaurant Coomera

You will get the best Thai foods in the Nahm Thai Restaurant Coomera all day long. They specialize in providing fresh and delicious authentic Thai foods that you will not get in anywhere else. Their Soft-shell crab papaya salad and Pad Thai are special delicacies among the locals so give them a try. 

  • The Fresh Pantry

No takeaway list is complete without some delicious pastry restaurants and The Fresh Pantry in Coomera specializes in pastries. So if you are looking for some exclusive desserts then try one of their homemade cakes along with coffee. This takeaway restaurant is famous for its use of organic ingredients so it is another benefit.

  •  Tasty Magic Chinese Restaurant

The Tasty Magic Chinese Restaurant is one of the high-end takeaway restaurants. You will get several special Chinese items like Shandong chicken, shredded pork rice noodles, lobster sweet chili Singapore style. You can also get contemporary Australian dishes like roasted duck and special items like magic jelly fish. The prices for the items are a little on the higher end. But considering the rare food items, the prices are reasonable. 


These are the most famous takeaway joints in Coomera where you will get the safest and healthiest meals. You will not regret buying foods from them as they are well known for maintaining a good quality of their foods.

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