Tech vs. Pest: 4 Technologies to Keep Pests at Bay


Swat, spray & entrap. These are the old-school ways of killing bugs. Although they still work when dealing with one or two creepy crawlers, you should take it up a notch when an infestation occurs.

Make use of technology. It exists to improve lives. Pest control technology reduces the excessive use of pesticides and is more cost-effective because you don’t need to make regular purchases. You can also make data-driven decisions and create better strategies for effective pest management.

Here are four hi-tech solutions to keep those pesky pests at bay.

Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices

Ultrasonic pest control devices emit high-frequency sound waves to repel mice and rodents, mosquitoes, ants, etc. These high-frequency sounds (above 20 kilohertz) are inaudible to humans. It cannot harm you and your children, so you don’t need to evacuate your home whenever you use it. 


Ultrasonic pest control devices can range from $10 to almost $100, depending on the brand and the features. 

Targeted Pests

  • Bed Bugs
  • Birds
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Mice and Rats
  • Mosquitoes
  • Silverfish

It’s also noteworthy that some pet collars have an ultrasonic device to combat fleas and ticks.


Ultrasonic pest repellers upset the targeted household pests to discourage them from squatting in your home. Although these devices do affect pests, they don’t entirely eliminate them. 

Most homeowners use this device mainly as a precaution to prevent pests such as mice, bats, and roaches from settling in their houses. Overall, the device’s effectiveness depends on the brand and the kind of pest you want to eliminate. It might be best to use ultrasonic pest repellers with another electronic pest control device to maximize effectiveness. 

Automated Pest Monitoring Systems

Automated pest monitoring systems use advanced sensors, cameras, and data analysis algorithms for the early detection of pests.

This pest control device enables homeowners to gain access to real-time information about the presence of pests in their properties, their patterns and behavior, and the infestation level. 

Most pest monitoring systems also collect this data and analyze it to create reports, which allow homeowners to have a targeted pest control measure and timely intervention. Indeed, pest control technology has come a long way.


It depends on the size of the area, the type of monitoring device, and the number of cameras and sensors. 


Automated pest monitoring systems are a great way to prevent pest infestations from getting out of hand. It is a highly effective electronic pest control solution that enables homeowners to detect pests early and use the data collected by the device to make better decisions. 

Smart Traps and Baits

Smart traps and baits are pest control technologies that use sensors and wireless connectivity to transmit real-time data about the captured pests. 

Smart baits can attract pests in several ways: 

  • Pheromones – Most smart baits use synthetic pheromones to trick pests into entering the traps. Pests are drawn to this as they are tricked into believing that there are potential mates in the trap or food sources. 
  • Food-Based Baits – To lure pests into the trap, certain smart baits use food-based attractants that mimic the pests’ preferred scent, texture, or flavor of food.
  • Ultraviolet Light – As some pests are attracted to UV light, certain smart baits incorporate UV light sources to attract insects into the trap. 


The average cost may vary depending on factors such as the brand, features, and targeted pests. Generally, smart traps and baits can range from $20 to $100 or more per piece. 

The entry-level smart traps and baits may have limited features, while the more expensive ones have sophisticated and more complex features. 


Smart traps and baits are one of the most effective pest control technologies, combining traditional trapping methods with advanced features to ensure their effectiveness.

By strategically luring pests into the traps with its integrated sensors, the smart trap and bait enable homeowners to employ swift responses and precise interventions. Additionally, the collected data from these devices can give homeowners the valuable insight they need to improve their pest management strategies. 

Electronic Repellent Atomizer 

Electronic Repellent Atomizers are a new pest control device that utilizes electronic diffuser tech. It generally includes a container or reservoir containing the repellent solutions, an atomizer/nebulizer, and electronic parts for dispersal. 

When activated, the device uses electronic components to turn the liquid repellent into a fine mist,  repelling mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. The device is usually positioned outdoors like gardens, patios, or camping grounds to create a shield against pests.


It can cost around $20 to $150 or more, depending on the features, brand and model. Lower-priced atomizers usually have a smaller capacity for holding the repellent solution and have simpler features with a limited coverage area. 

More expensive atomizers have a wider reach and have advanced features such as programmable timers, adjustable mist intensity, larger reservoir capacity, or enhanced durability.


Electronic repellent atomizers are an effective modern solution for repelling pests like mosquitoes and flies around the area. The fine-repellent particles dispersed into the air help prevent pests from getting close to you. These atomizers are also portable and lightweight, making them ideal to bring to picnics and outdoor activities. 


These four electronic pest control devices help reduce the use of harmful pesticides and ensure a more targeted and efficient approach to preventing or controlling pest infestations. Hi-tech and useful features such as monitoring systems, smart traps and real-time alerts are unavailable in traditional pest control methods. 

With the integration of technology into pest control, homeowners now have the advantage of having safe, long-term, and convenient solutions to achieving a pest-free living environment. Of course, not everyone is keen on adapting to new technologies, especially the aging adults. So if you want to ensure that your property is pest-free and maintain its structural integrity, you can always hire licensed pest exterminators.

About the Author: Luqman Butter

Luqman has been a pest control technician for over 20 years. He is passionate about solving peoples pest and wildlife control problems through innovative, eco friendly and humane methods. Luqman currently works for Pestend Pest Control. He believes that pest control is a science and feels that his function in his community is very important since he helps people live in peace without causing unnecessary harm to animals.

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