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Teas 4 Kids is an amazing company that thinks of our children.  They make great flavors of Tea, with no Caffeine, or Sugar, added.  I give it to Jacob, nearly 4, and Sarah, almost 18, every night.  I also love that’s it’s all natural.  Jacob hardly drinks anything, but he will suck down Teas 4 Kids.  The flavors are outstanding.


Teas 4 Kids flavors include:  Mango Sweetie, Hello Kiwi, Bubby Loves Blueberry, Rose Parade, Orange Sunny, and Peachy Pie to name a few.


You will need a diffuser, but if you don’t have one, it’s ok, they sell them at Teas 4 Kids.  And there are some really cute ones.  They are very inexpensive, for diffusers.  I love the Ducky one they have.  It’s so cute, and only $10.00.  They also have pitchers with diffusers built in, if you would like a pitcher to make the tea in.


Now, if you are asking “Why Teas 4 Kids”, the answer is below:

As our knowledge of tea and its health benefits becomes more widespread, why not utilize these facts to benefit our children’s diets?

According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, sugar-sweetened beverages are the largest contributors of sugar in the U.S. diet. Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years and the consumption of these beverages plays a huge contributing role. Obesity puts our children at risk for serious health concerns such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Results from the 2010 National Youth Physical Activity and Nutrition Study concluded that soda and 100% juices were significantly prevalent among the high school students sampled.

They do have shipping through USPS and UPS daily, and the Tea comes from Germany, which has a long tradition in herbal teas.

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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