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Little Live Pets are the perfect kind of pet for your little one, it’s not real, so they can’t hurt it.  Jacob, age 3; and Sarah, age 17, love them.  Jacob has his bird talking all day long, by recording messages, and playing them back.  Sarah plays with hers when she comes home, and it just sings to her like you wouldn’t believe.  Then we got the Butterfly, it’s absolutely beautiful.  Sarah loves this one so much.  The owl mommy and baby, talk to each other.  It’s so sweet.  Sarah and Jacob adore their new pets.


Little Live Pets Butterfly Starter Pack

Item no: #28002

Beautiful Little Live Pets Butterfly is your new pet friend that magically comes alive and flutters in the palm of your hand! Feel how real your new friend feels as it flaps and flitters its stunning wings just for you. Available in Australia from September.

1 Butterfly
1 Butterfly Charger
1 Suction Cup
1 Instruction Manual


Little Live Pets Owl & Baby Bird

Item no: #28040

Little Live Pets Owl and Baby Bird are the new tweet talking birds to join the flock. These adorable new owl families sing and talk to each other. The mother owl even teaches baby bird how to sing! The closer they are, the happier they become! Help the mother owl feed and nuture her baby! There are three Owl families to collect.

1 x Owl Bird
1 x Owl Baby Bird
1 x Instruction Booklet


Little Live Pets S2 Bird Single Pack

Item no: #28039

The Little Live Pets Bird Single Pack is the perfect way to have your very own pet bird! Your new bird responds to your touch and will sing, chirp and tweet just for you! Season 2 Birds have new phrases they can repeat back to you and are available in three different body shapes and all new finishes. There are 6 all new birds to collect in the single pack.

1 Bird
1 Instruction Manual

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