Monbento MB Tresor Kids Bento Boxes


Fabulous Fun Monbento MB Tresor Kids Bento Boxes

MB Tresor Bento Boxes from Monbento are fun for kids and great for the adults who are packing them.  BPA Free, microwave and dishwasher safe. They can even go into the freezer! The come in 4 different vibrant color combinaions.  We chose Raspberry.

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Inside the Monbento MB Tresor Kids Bento Boxes, there are a number of compartments to easily keep foods separated.

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The precious chest with delicious treats inside.

A little box that hides all the children’s tasty treasures. The MB Tresor bento bursts into the monbento® collection!

For the classic connoisseur who knows the value of a delicate spaghetti bolognese, a mouth-watering PB&J or even kawaii Onigiri, just as contemporary chef (the ramen burger, yum!), anything is now possible!

Flexible and ultra compact, the kid’s bento adapts to the tastes of young gourmets with its bottom container (450 ml) and two food cups (each 150 ml) that are microwave-safe and perfectly airtight.

Bring your meal with you anywhere, school, playground, or park without smushing it! Because the point of being a child is being free to taste every good thing that make you grow up healthy and happy!

With its customization options – 4 designs to choose from + removable tokens, the MB Tresor is also easily identifiable and stimulates creativity and exchange.

A box inspired by kids that precisely fits their needs.

Also available, are matching cutlery, water bottles (in 2 different sizes), additional snack boxes and a cute bag to carry them all in.

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Bento simply means a meal packed in a box.

Boxed lunches have been around for ages, but the bento lunch that we think of today, originates from Japan.  These box lunches have become increasingly popular around the world. There are bento cookbooks, bento websites and bento blogs.  For some, bento meals have become somewhat of an art. For many, they are just simple, healthy and often quite fun. Bento meals can be hot, and or, cold offerings and be geared towards children or adults.

Monbento makes packing a bento lunch quick and easy.  Knowing that they are made from safe materials make them a great way to enjoy lunch at home or on the go.

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