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With severe weather coming soon, the last thing you’ll want is to get stuck in the dark while on the road. NOW is the time to do an overall evaluation of your vehicle(s) and make sure that everything is in working order so you don’t find yourself broken down in frigid temperatures.

My hubby is typically the one who does simple maintenance on our vehicles to ensure their safety— and to save us money. Taking our 5 vehicles (our truck, van & Mustang, along with Gina & Derek’s cars) to a mechanic would be extremely expensive so when we’re able to do the work, we certainly do it. It’s much more cost effective for our household.



Just recently (in order to prepare for winter) hubby checked over our Ford truck and found that one of the headlights was not working properly and of course required a replacement. When it comes to headlight bulbs, our experience has been that Sylvania is the best in quality and performance— especially when it comes to the Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA bulbs

You’re probably thinking, a headlight is a headlight but there most definitely IS a difference. When it comes to the SilverStar ULTRA, there really is a HUGE difference. Take a look at the images below and see for yourself…


It’s plan and evident that Sylvania’s SilverStar ULTRA bulbs (the first photo in the diagram) produce the clearest and brightest light— making your driving experience much safer when driving in the dark. 

This time of year the deer in our area are VERY active and it’s not unusual to see them crossing or leaping across the road in herds. That can be a scary experience when you’re out and about at night and don’t see them until they’re right in front of you. And, I’m sure no one really wants to have a collision with a deer. They’re large animals and can create a whole lot of damage to your vehicle!

That’s why it’s a great idea to install quality bulbs that are made to provide up to 50% more brightness, increase visibility down the road up to 40%, and peripheral vision up by up to 50%. I don’t know about you but I feel much safer using these bulbs rather than a standard halogen bulb! 

The more light your vehicle puts on the road while driving at night, the better you can see. And the better you see, the more you see—debris, animals, pedestrians, disabled vehicles and other obstacles in your path. Seeing more helps you avoid hazards that cause accidents.

It’s recommended that you replace your headlights in pairs rather than one at a time to ensure an evenly distributed beam pattern. One thing that makes Sylvania’s SilverStar ULTRA light bulbs our choice is that they’re directly compatible with our stock headlights so we don’t have to replacement the entire assembly— just the bulbs themselves. Plus, they’re a snap to install. It’s SO much cheaper and easier that way!

Something else that’s really nice about Sylvania is that they packages their SilverStar ULTRA bulbs in packs of two so you get not one but TWO high performance halogen headlights with a simple “plug and play” orientation.

With a color temperature rated at 4100K (Kelvin), the level of whiteness of the light put out by SilverStar Ultra bulbs is close to that of an approximation of natural daylight at noon (4870K). Their level of brightness, the amount of light able to be reflected in a particular direction(s) or on particular spots, is also exceptionally high. Together these factors make SilverStar Ultra bulbs the whitest and brightest halogen headlights currently available.

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