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The loyalty of Ukrainian laws to surrogate motherhood in Ukraine has become an excellent aid in development of this medical direction.

The loyalty of Ukrainian laws to surrogate motherhood in Ukraine has become an excellent aid in development of this medical direction. Today, surrogate motherhood law in Ukraine allows any married couple of a man and a woman – foreign or Ukrainian – to become a member of the program. The primary condition is an official marriage and certificate of infertility.

Why Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy is prohibited in many countries around the world for ethical or legal reasons. In Europe, for example, commercial surrogacy is allowed only in Spain and Ukraine. There is a form of charitable (voluntary and free) kind of surrogacy in a couple of European countries. Nevertheless, mainly surrogacy is prohibited. Previously, India and Thailand also practiced this specific medical field. But surrogate motherhood has also been banned recently in these countries due to women exploitation.

The Advantages of Surrogacy in Ukraine

That is why Ukraine stood up on a par with countries that are “friendly” to surrogate motherhood and very quickly became one of the market leaders for several significant reasons:

  1. Legal couple protection from the failure of the surrogate mother to transfer the child.
  2. Low surrogate mother cost in Ukraine.

Unlike the legislation of other countries, for example, Russia, a surrogate mother in Ukraine cannot refuse to transfer her child to biological parents. This condition has become a good reason why many couples, especially foreigners, choose Ukraine for surrogacy.

The Price of Surrogacy in Ukraine

The second important advantage is the cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine. In some US states, for example, the cost of commercial surrogacy can start at $100,000. This is only one-time payment to a surrogate mother without compensation for the services of a clinic, lawyer, or monthly maintenance costs. The surrogate mother cost in Ukraine today ranges from 50-100 thousand dollars for everything. Moreover, the price depends on the medical program that the couple will choose, and the size of the one-time compensation of the surrogate mother after childbirth. The amount of last payment lies in the range of $11,000 – $15,000.

Searching a Surrogate Mother

In pursuit of the desire to become parents, couples should not forget that the surrogacy market is commercial market after all. And the main thing here is not to stumble on unscrupulous clinics which want to cash in on your trouble. Mainly foreigners who travel and need a surrogate mother in Ukraine and know nothing about the country and its laws are at risk.

So how to find a surrogate mother in Ukraine while not being cheated? You need to choose an intermediary very carefully, try to find as many reviews as possible before concluding a contract.

IVF Group Surrogacy Services is committed to openness and trust. The primary goal of the company is to help couples become parents safely and without moral and legal risks. That is why for many years the company has been the exclusive representative of the Mother and Child Network of Reproductive Medical Centers – one of the largest networks in Eastern Europe. It provides a full range of surrogacy services: from program selection to legal support of the transaction. Still, you need to meet certain requirements.

Any married couple can use services of a surrogate mother in Ukraine if the woman has documented evidence of one of the five following diagnoses:

  • The absence of the uterus;
  • Deformation of the cavity or cervix;
  • Structural and morphological, or anatomical changes in the endometrium of the uterus;
  • Complex somatic diseases;
  • Diseases in which pregnancy and childbirth may endanger a woman’s life;
  • 5 IVF attempts.

IVF Group Surrogacy Services specialists speak several languages and will fully consult you on your native language. Given the various medical cases of infertility, the company offers several assistance packages:

  • IVF Standard;
  • IVF with Oocyte Donation;
  • Surrogacy with Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET);
  • Surrogacy Standard;
  • Surrogacy with Oocyte Donation;
  • Surrogacy Guaranteed.

It is also important to note that surrogacy programs of IVF group are appropriately adjusted by medical and administrative staff to comply with your medical conditions, the legal regulations of your home country, and your financial capabilities.

Start a happy parentship with the IVF Group Surrogacy Services.

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