Style Your Hair Like A Pro With A Bombay Blow Dryer Brush


Nobody likes to spend a lot of time blow-drying their hair, making use of a big round brush, and then having to grab for yet another heat tool in their hairstyling routine.  Not only will this take longer, but it will also expose your hair to much more heat damage. 

If you have ever wanted to dry and style your hair at the same time, the next hot tool craze—we are talking about the Bombay blow dryer brush—might be the answer. An all-in-one blow-dryer with a round brush is the key to getting a beautiful blowout in one step at home. There is no need to do two stages of heat styling or work up an arm juggling your blow-dryer and your hairbrush at the same time. 

Do you want to know what all the fuss is about this special hair tool? We have listed down all you need to know about using a Bombay blow dryer brush. Read on!

What Is A Bombay Blow Dryer Brush?

Are you having trouble visualizing what a blowout brush looks like? Well, just imagine a round brush, similar to the one your stylist uses to blowdry your hair. Except that this type of brush is powered by electricity, and when it is turned on, hot air is expelled from the brush. This means that as you run the brush through your damp (not wet, not dry) hair, it will completely dry the hair strands. Isn’t that fantastic?

How To Use A Bombay Blow Dryer Brush?

Those of you who have never been able to perfect at-home blowouts now have a chance. Anyone can become a hair-drying pro with the Bombay blow dryer brush, especially if they follow the instructions in the step-by-step guide below.


Although you can make use of a blow dryer brush on your wet hair, the best results will be achieved if you allow your hair to dry naturally. However, please do not allow it to dry completely.  It is preferable to start styling with damp hair rather than soaking wet hair.


Just like with any other time you that you will be using hot tools to style your hair, you will want to protect your hair with a heat protectant. Spritz an ample amount to your hair and then brush it thoroughly to spread the product and remove any hair tangles.


Then, using claw clips, section your hair. The number of how many sections will vary according to your hair volume. If you have medium-thick hair, make a line division from ear to ear to separate the top and bottom sections.  The top section should be clipped out of the way. Part the bottom section vertically in half, putting each side to your shoulders. You should focus on working on drying one section at a time.


Now is the time to reach for your Bombay blow dryer brush! Turn it on and then take a one- to a two-inch-thick section of hair. Place the blow dryer brush at the ends of your hair and roll it up the length of your hair until you reach the roots, simultaneously wrapping your hair around the brush during the process.


Allow 10 to 20 seconds before winding the brush downward slowly. Unravel your hair in the process. After releasing your hair, you will already have silky, frizz-free hair strands with curls at the ends. It is that simple!


Repeat the wrapping and unwrapping process for the remainder of the bottom section of your hair. Once finished, take out the claw clip on the top section of the hair repeat the process on all sections.


After successfully performing a DIY blowout by yourself, it is time to add some final touches.  Fix any sections that may need some extra bounce with your Bombay blow dryer brush. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, use a little bit of hair serum and apply it evenly through your hair for a sleek finish.


To boost the volume of your blown-out locks (literally), put a volume spray on the roots of your hair.


Only one thing that is left to do—put on some hair spray.  Spritz a high-shine product over your hair to set your style. 

That’s it; you are now a certified blow dryer brush pro! 

Bonus: Top Five Tips To Keep Your Hair Looking Good

  • Never brush your hair when it is still wet. Use a conditioner after washing your hair and thoroughly comb through the hair strands.
  • Dry your hair in a scrunching motion.
  • Avoid allowing your hair to dry naturally since wet hair is weak. 

Allowing hair to air dry naturally can be more damaging than using excessive heat. Hair is capable of absorbing up to 30% of its own weight in water. The longer it remains wet, the worse the situation becomes, as the water continues to swell. This is because frequent swelling followed by gradual drying of hair leads the cell membrane complex (basically the glue that holds the cuticle together) to split, resulting in irreversible damage to the hair. You are better off using heat to speedily dry your hair than going natural when drying it.

  • When you dry your hair, begin with low heat and speed setting. Working in sections, go on to the next section when you notice your hair strands become hot. You are now ready to style.

Thermal styling tools are perfectly acceptable: but not above 185 degrees Celsius. Anything higher will result in your hair being fried. 

Hair has what they call a “Glass Transition Phase”; beyond this temperature, hair behaves like heated glass, making it easy to shape. It will retain its shape if cooled below this temperature. This is a repeatable procedure that can be performed without causing any damage. At high temperatures, such as 210 degrees Celsius, the disulfide bonds in hair begin to break down, leaving the hair extremely brittle. 

  • Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to relieve stress. The status of your hair is a direct by-product of the foods you consume. A poor diet results in poor hair. Consume meals that are high in iron.

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