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According to a research made,  it has been confirmed that long time sitting has an adverse effect on the human health. Long time sitting damages the human metabolism, enhances obesity, make one vulnerable to various sort of diseases which can lengthen one’s life span.

This is the more reason why office workers are opting for a SmartDesk, because it allows one to engage in lots of movement throughout working duration. Stand up desk offers a better focus and dexterity for work and alongside, a chance to live fit and healthy.

One would ask, what are those things that one can do with stand up desks to keep fit? Listed below are 10 simple exercises that can be carried out right at a stand desk. Following these exercises simply means promoting good health and productivity in business.

Exercises that can be carried out at standing desk include:

Extend Yourself:

A lovely way to begin desk exercises is while still seating with a few leg extensions.

Sit upright with your feet placed on the floor and your knees at a right angle.

Stretch out one leg at a time, until the leg is fully straight and the quads are contracted.

Stay still for 3 seconds, and then slowly retrieve back to its position.

Repeat this on both sides between 11-15 times and can be repeated in 4 sets.

Core Values:

During when you are sitting it’s a good chance to carry out some abdominal exercises. Making use of an office chair with wheels is an added advantage, as it permits you to focus majorly on the the oblique abs.

Lightly hold on to the side of the desk, take your feet off the floor and move from side to side, focusing on controlling your abs.

Move up to 20 times for a stronger core.

Staying On Your Toes:

In this kind of exercise, a sit-stand desk can be easily converted to a standing desk position.

Start with your feet hip width set apart, lift the heel slowly off the floor.

Try to balance on your toe for 5 seconds and simultaneously contract the calf muscle, then lower it down slowly.

Repeat this for up to 11-15 times  and do up to 4 sets.

If you feel like extending it, try carrying out this exercise on one leg at intervals.

Right on Point:

Here we keep the legs in movement with a bend and point kind of exercise.

Set your legs apart slightly, bend your knees until you can feel your quads tightening up.

Raise the right leg off the floor and stretch it forward until the toe is pointing out.

Pause for 5 seconds, return the right foot without allowing it to contact the floor, stretch it out again to the side.

Do this again, stretching the leg also to the back, return it and calm down.

Carry out the whole process on both legs from 4-5 times according to the strength of your leg.

Performing a Leg Raise:

One can strengthen his or her hamstrings and gluts by carrying out a standing leg curl at the sit-stand desk by beginning with legs closed together without colliding.

Bend one leg at knee level and lift the heel, focus on touching the back of the thigh. The essential part of this exercise is to carry it out slowly for moderate results.

Do this over up to 15 times, and try to do 3 sets on each leg.  Also, take short breaks between each sets.


We know that the gluts are some of the largest and strongest muscles we have, the fact that they are behind doesn’t make them lesser parts of the body.

Carry out a desk squat just by keeping your feet up to a shoulder width apart and gently bend your knee later just to the same time you are pushing your butts backwards.

The target is to make the knees stay behind the toes, so always make sure your check out for this.

Do this up to 15 squats, take a break then repeat up to 4 times.

Put Your Hands in the Air:

Yaah! It is always cool to put up your hands with a shoulder press.

Begin with the hand at your shoulder height, raise them higher than your head.

You can make use of a little weight to add an extra resistance.

Do this over 13-15 repetitively and make up to 4 sets.

Working On Your Bicep:

Aside from using a keyboard, give your arm a good workout using a bicep curl.

Holding a filled water bottle or any small heavy item, put your arms by your side and your palms forward.

Gently raise the item with your arm bending at the elbow, raise until your hand is like 5 inches apart from your shoulder.

Gently lower and repeat 13-15 times on each arms for about 4 sets.

Hot Off the Press:

Try to make your biceps balanced with a tricep press for the back of the arms.

Still holding on to the small weighty object, slant forward a bit and lift your hand allowing your elbow to bend while your hand is firmly resting at the waist level.

Gently stretch the hand backwards, extending the arm, then return gently to the starting point.

Repeat this up to 15 times on each arms and do 4 sets.


By now your muscles should’ve warmed up a bit. So get yourself into a bit of cardio just with a stationary march.

Maybe you could incorporate little jogs or jumps on a point. The higher you raise your knees the better.

All these are simple exercises that can be done right at your standing desk. Use it to give your body a total workout for your body muscles. Taking your time to perform a constant exercise even while at work reduces the risk of heart diseases and enhances your mood with a boost on your productivity.

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