How to Save Money on a Family Vacation


Family vacations don’t come cheap. As a parent, you are encouraged to travel only during school breaks, and that means peak season prices. Factor into that the spending money and what you have set aside for activities, and your bank account might not be looking as healthy as you want. However, the good news is that there are various ways to save money while on a family vacation, and this guide gives you some tips.

First, consider what your main expenses will be while on vacation. Usually, it will be transport, accommodation, and food.

Let’s start with transport.

You can save money off flights, ferries, trains, and car rentals if you book well in advance. Early bird discounts can be significant, so if you like planning ahead, then you can take advantage of some great offers. An internet search is an excellent place to start, and there may also be vouchers and coupons you can use. Another search to try is ‘rent a car near me,’ and this should bring up some options in your area.

Secondly, accommodation.

Accommodation can also be cheaper if you book early, or you could look for a deal that includes transport and accommodation combined. Choosing accommodation that is close to all the cultural attractions you want to see, as well as being close to a beach, is a good way to save money on travel costs while you are there.

Third, food.

Eating out while on vacation is often where you spend most of your money. A family will need three meals per day at least, and then there are the snacks and drinks in between. Save yourself a few dollars by packing some healthy snacks to take with you when you go out for the day, and some small bottles of water, rather than being tempted to spend money on food and drinks that you don’t really need to spend.

Another way to save money on food bills is to pick accommodation that has breakfast included, or for a little extra, there are all-inclusive resorts where you can eat and drink as much as you want, at any time, for free! This option is a great money saver for a large family, and you can still treat yourself to a meal out now and then.

Fourth, activities.  

When you have kids, they need to be kept busy. Sometimes that can mean shelling out for some top attractions in the area. However, there is fun to be had for free. A day spent on the beach is cost-free, and children have a fun time playing in the sand and surf. There will also be free attractions nearby that you can visit, such as local parks, art galleries, and museums.

Going on vacation is something to look forward to, but it can also be a worry if you are watching the pennies. With a little bit of planning, and being savvy in knowing what is worth spending your money on, and what is not, you will have a budget-friendly vacation that all the family will enjoy.

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5 years ago

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