Spring Cleaning: How Renting Self Storage Units Can Help


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Everyone needs to give their homes a good spring clean once a year, where you get into all those nooks and crannies that you have overlooked for the past year and make your home feel fresh and new.

If you’re about to start a spring clean, renting a self-storage unit can help you in various ways.

By Renting a Storage Unit, You Can Complete Your Spring Clean More Quickly and Effectively

If you want to give your home a thorough spring clean, you’ll be able to do everything much more easily when you have a clear space.

For instance, it takes time to clean around chairs, tables, and everything else you have in a room. By emptying rooms beforehand, you can whizz through the cleaning of your home.

But it will take more time if you simply stockpile items from one room in another and then have to move everything to clean the other room. So, it could be efficient to pack all of your bulky items into temporary storage.

You can easily locate a self storage facility in Sacramento or anywhere else by using an online self-storage finder.

Once your items are in a storage unit, you’ll be able to complete your spring clean much more quickly and effectively.

A Spring Clean Is a Chance to Reassess the Things You Need

A spring clean is a great opportunity to reassess your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer need.

You can get rid of things by selling them online, donating them to charity, or holding a yard sale. And anything that is no longer useful can be taken to the tip.

But there are sure to be some items in your home that you rarely use but want to keep hold of. For instance, you could have a surfboard that you only use once a year.

To free up space in your home, consider putting such items into storage. Your home will then be less cluttered and it will be easier to ensure your house stays clean and pristine all year round.

You Can Store Items That You Intend to Sell

Following on from the last point, if you find you have stuff that you want to sell during your spring clean, it could take a while to actually sell it.

The last thing you want after spring cleaning is to still store belongings that you intend to sell.

To stop them from getting in the way, store them in a self-storage unit until you find a buyer.

This can work very well when you have bulky and expensive items that you want to get rid of. When you finally manage to sell all of your unwanted items, you can stop renting your storage unit… until next year, when you do another spring clean and realize there are more things you want to get rid of!

You Can Store Your Items While You Decorate Your Home

A spring clean could involve more than just cleaning. You may also wish to use the time as an opportunity to paint the walls and complete DIY jobs.

You simply can’t do things like paint walls and doors when you have bulky furniture in the way, and the last thing you want is to get paint on your belongings or damage them while you’re completing DIY and decorating tasks.

Of course, the solution is to place your items into a self-storage unit on a temporary basis.

With your furniture and other items out of the way, you’ll be able to quickly complete the tasks you want to do to refresh your home.

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Hazel Avery
Hazel Avery
2 years ago

I love it! Spring cleaning is always such a satisfying thing. Nothing makes me more excited for the summer like a fresh cabinet painting. Thanks for your fun ideas and inspiration!

Last edited 2 years ago by Hazel Avery
1 year ago

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1 year ago

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