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softest blanket ever

sbe2It’s called “The Softest Blanket Ever”. I can’t really tell you if it is the softest blanket ever, simply because I can’t claim to have tried all the blankets there are out there. But I’ve tried many. And this is the softest I’ve ever tried. Many of the blankets I’ve used were soft. Some were very soft. Some were kind of soft. None were this soft. And all of them were made for babies. 

Yup, when my baby was new, I actually “borrowed” his blankets. I mean, he woke me up every few hours. I was tired. I wanted to snuggle. So, who cares if it’s made for a baby? I took one of those little things and snuggled with it during those few precious moments of relaxation. But those things were too small. All they’d cover was my face. They weren’t even big enough to throw over my shoulders on a chilly day! But Baby Jak has solved this problem with the variety of sizes in which the make their “Softest Blanket Ever”

“Our Softest Blanket Ever is truly the softest, coziest blanket you will ever feel. Each blanket is reversible with two colors and two textures. Blankets are machine wash and dry. Color stays vibrant and fabric stays incredibly soft after multiple washings.”

Baby Jak makes these awesome blankets that come in a variety of sizes – not just for babies! They sent me one in a huge 42 x 58 inch size – and that’s not even the largest size available! The throws measure 58 x 70 inches! With the winter coming on, there is often a chill in our apartment, even with the heating on. These blankets are the perfect size for wrapping myself up in and snuggling with a cup of hot cocoa. They are so soft, as promised, and the elegant designs make them ideal for displaying in the living area of your home.

softest blanket ever

The sage paisley and ivory blanket that I received is a classic. They are neutrals that incorporate some sophisticated color. The blanket would be boring with no print at all, yet would be immature with too much of a pattern. Baby Jak found a balance with the embossed paisley print. They have many other embossed and modern prints for both children and adults, making soft blankets available for all ages.

Features of Baby Jak and the Softest Blanket Ever:

  • Made in the USA
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Reversible with two textures
  • Softest blanket ever comes in 42 x 58 inch size (Nap and Lap) and 58 x 70 inch size (throw)
  • Baby Jak blankets also come in 14 x 15 inches (Snuggle) and 30 x 35 inches (Classic Baby)
  • Blankets come beautifully packaged with a ribbon for easy gift giving
  • Huge variety of prints and designs
  • Fabrics are designed in-house

Baby Jak has been producing these top quality blankets since 2003. Their designs range from fun (for the little one) to elegant (for your home). They have definitely won the “softest blanket ever” award in my eyes.

Connect with Baby Jak:

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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9 years ago

You wanted to cuddle with it, but it wouldn’t even cover your shoulder? I smell a potential business opportunity! 🙂