Soft Tiles to make the floor feel cushioned



Soft Tiles are in my 5 year old’s room.  Because they are so perfect.  If he falls out of bed, I don’t have to worry about him getting hurt. 


Jacob loves Soft Tiles.  He plays with the animals in them everyday.  Also, I know, at night, he is protected, incase he falls out of bed.  Jacob loves playing with the Monkey most.  He says, “Mommy, the monkey is so much fun,” and makes Monkey noises. 

SoftTiles Safari Animals with Borders Blue, Black, White is the perfect play mat for creating a modern designer playroom, nursery, or kids room. This is a beautiful color scheme that will look great in any playroom or kids room. This is one play mat that you’ll love showing off in your living room.


These tiles really are a big deal.  I’ve bought leading brands, before, and they aren’t as soft, and sturdy as Soft Tiles.  There are so many Soft Tiles to choose from, perfect for a boy or a girl, baby, toddler, or older.  I love them.  So much fun to play on, don’t have to worry about the hard floor under the little ones, either.

SoftTiles Safari Animals with Borders Tan, White is a neutral colored play mat that’s perfect for creating a designer nursery or playroom in a mixed use space like a living room. This set also looks particularly good on hard wood floors.

Soft Tiles are my pick for the best floor cushioning out there.  You will love them too! 

Soft Tiles would also make the perfect Christmas gift, or Baby Shower gift, for someone in your life.  They will truly appreciate it.

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