Social Marketing Pro EJ Dalius Shares Valuable Tips on How Entrepreneurs Can Maximize the Impact of Social Media Marketing


While the website remains an integral source of information regarding the business, and the products and services it offers, the lack of interactivity had traditionally made it difficult for entrepreneurs to reach out to potential customers, build brand awareness, and engage with them to drive credibility and conversions. However, if you don’t understand how they function, social media marketing can consume all your effort and time without yielding the desired results. Some useful tips on making social media impactful:

Select the Networks Carefully and Customize Your Content for Each

There are far too many social media platforms for entrepreneurs to even think of being present on all of them. You need to find out the networks that are used the most by your target audience and concentrate on using them to implement your social media marketing strategy. It is also very important to appreciate that all platforms differ in their character and functionalities, not to speak of their tone. This means that you simply cannot and should not use the same content as is, without repurposing it, on all the networks you are on. A one-size-fits-all content strategy will not work for social media marketing.

Publish Varied Content, Recommends Eric J Dalius

Even if you are customizing your content to satisfy the need and wants of your target audience on social media, marketers need to appreciate that customers expect a lot of diversity in the content, both in the subject matter, and the format. Entrepreneurs need to consider delivering the content in multiple formats ranging from photos, videos, infographics, inspiration quotes, customer testimonials, employee interviews, case studies, white papers, blogs, polls, and more. Whatever be the format of the post, you should always make it a point to only include high-quality content that is original, relevant, and updated. Relying more on visual elements helps because followers tend to understand the subject more quickly and better. By diversifying the content format, you can also cater to the different preferences of individuals within the target audience; some may prefer videos, while some like reading text more. According to EJ Dalius on, followers want to be informed, engaged, as well as entertained.

Respond Promptly to Users

The popularity of social media for both businesses and users is because the engagement is far more informal and easier than websites or email and usually, the response is faster. Businesses can get an instant response to their posts while customers posting their feedback or questions also expect a faster response. Businesses that make it a point to acknowledge, thank, and respond constructively to the comments, complaints, and suggestions made by users get a better rate of engagement and conversions. Businesses that respond promptly are seen as more professional and more trustworthy by customers, observes Eric Dalius.


Social media can only be a stepping stone for marketing success for entrepreneurs if they appreciate its features and the reasons why it is preferred by users. Using strong branding helps post to be more easily recognized while posting at the right times helps a greater number of followers to access your content. As with any marketing channel, social marketing can be successful only when executed with a clear strategy.

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