“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…”

Does this sound like your home, or does your partner’s snoring keep you up through the night?

Make “Silent Night” a reality this holiday season with the revolutionary Slumberbump. This sleep aid is a simple, but effective way to cut snoring. Both you and your partner will benefit from increased energy, improved sleep quality, and a revitalized relationship.


How Slumberbump Works Many people don’t realize that sleeping on your back is one of the biggest causes for mild to moderate snoring. When you sleep on your back, your jaw naturally drops back, causing the soft palette in your throat to vibrate—this vibration is the snoring sound you hear. The Slumberbump Sleep Belt is a positional-based sleep aid device that trains the wearer to avoid sleeping on their back.

The Slumberbump features an inflatable air pocket to keep the wearer from rolling over throughout the night. The belt is very comfortable to wear, with breathable, elastic straps. While any new sleep position can take a little getting used to, the Slumberbump is far less invasive than any other sleep treatment on the market, and provides dramatic results at a minimal price.



Invest in Your Health Although snoring is often the butt of many jokes, snoring can be indicative of much larger health issues, including exhaustion and an increased risk for high blood pressure. Invest in your health this holiday season by improving the quality of your sleep. With Slumerbump, you’ll wake up each morning happy, well rested, and ready to face the day.

Invest in Your Relationship Snoring can cause major issues for couples—many partners retreat to separate bedrooms in order to get the sleep they need. Quit elbowing each other to roll over and get to the bottom of sleep issues. Solving snoring problems improves quality of sleep for both partners and can rejuvenate your relationship.

Give the gift of health and happiness this year with Slumberbump.


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