8 Ways to Reuse Your Fabric Softener Sheets



Your clothing is clean and smells fresh as a summer’s breeze … now what do you do with the little piece of freshness that got you to this point? Plenty! Used fabric softener sheets can be used in a multitude of ways, making life a tad bit easier for you while keeping it green. Here are 8 ways they can be reused.

      3. Trash Them

Don’t throw them away; toss them into the trash can before you place a new bag in to keep it smelling fresh and absorb any leaks. You can also place them near the trash during cook outs and other outdoor events to deter flies and bees from buzzing around.

     2. Vacuuming

 Place a fabric sheet in your vacuum bag before starting to allow a light scent to be emitted while you clean.

    3. Pet Hair

If you have pets, there is a good chance you take little souvenirs of them on the clothing you wear out of the house each day.  Rub a dryer sheet over your clothes to remove pet hair. This can also work on furniture.

   4. Mouse Patrol

If you have a mouse or mice issue, stuff fabric softener sheets into the hole where you believe they are entering the premises. This will deter mice along with other pests from entering your home or other structures.

  5. Laundry Fresh

Before your laundry actually makes it into the washing machine, it can still reap the benefits of softener sheets. Place a used sheet at the bottom of a hamper, in a bathroom closet, a shoe bin, or any other space that may house dirty laundry or footwear to help freshen up those areas.

   6. Pots and Pans

When you are faced with food or greasy residue that doesn’t want to budge, let your dishes soak along with a fabric sheet in warm water. Give it an hour then clean with ease.

   7. Sweet – and Refreshed – Dreams

For a little added freshness while you sleep, tuck a dryer sheet into your pillowcase. The used sheet will add just a hint of scent to your sleeping environment.

   8. New Car Clean

Keep a few sheets tucked into your car.  Pull them out when you need to wipe down your dashboard or console. They clean the dust while leaving a fresh, new car type of scent.

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