What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover for Fire


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With wildfires becoming more frequent all over the country, especially in states like California, Colorado, and Texas, you may wonder what type of damage your homeowner’s policy covers.

Fires do about $7.3 billion in damage each year, most of which is paid for by homeowner’s insurance. If your house sustains fire damage, here are some of the expenses you can expect most policies to pay.

Temporary Housing

If your home sustains enough damage in a fire that it is deemed unsafe to live in, then most policies will cover the expenses of temporary housing until you can move back into your home.

Whether it is staying in a hotel or renting a house, these expenses receive coverage under Additional Living Expense/Loss of Use coverage in your insurance policy. Along with comparable housing, your meals and other expenses should be covered too.

Loss of Personal Property

When personal property receives damage or is destroyed in a fire, it should be covered by a homeowner’s policy as well. Depending on the option you choose on your policy, you may receive cash value for your possessions or replacement value.

The premium for receiving replacement value on your property will cost more, but the difference between receiving cash value and replacement value for a laptop, camera, or television may be worth paying the difference.

Restoration Services

If you have items that are salvageable and decide to have them repaired, then your homeowner’s policy should cover those expenses. Whether the property receives smoke, fire, water, soot, or other damage from the byproducts of a fire, they should cover their replacement or repair.

However, let the insurance examiner see the items before you have them picked up for repair. They may deem them a loss and provide a replacement value for them.

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Property Damage

Along with your house, other buildings on your property will be covered for fire damage as well. If you have a detached garage, a shed, or fence that sustains damage or was destroyed by fire, then it will be covered by your homeowner’s policy as well.

Any tools, vehicles, or other personal property within the garage or shed is replaced, or you will receive cash value for them as well.

Always keep an inventory of the personal items, tools, or vehicles and other things you own in case something happens and you’re seeking reimbursement for them.

What is Not Covered

The only time a homeowner’s policy may not cover damage due to fire is if the fire is deliberately set, is the result of a war, or if the property was vacant. However, you may still be able to get a policy for a vacant property if it is a vacation home or if you’re in the process of selling it.

When you purchase a homeowner’s policy for a house, ask questions until you understand the coverage it provides.

Then, take an inventory of your personal property, keep your records updated, and put a copy of your documents in a safe deposit box at the bank, so you have the information you need in case of an emergency with your home.

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