Should You Take Your Kids Golfing This Spring?


Golf has seen a massive rise in popularity, with a 36% increase in course participation among junior players in the last three years. Boys and girls from a wide range of backgrounds are taking up the sport, much to their parents’ delight. Here are ten reasons you should take your kids golfing this spring.

Physical Benefits of Golf

Today’s young golfers are far better overall athletes than golfers of previous generations. Your kids are growing up in the best era of golf for physical fitness. They have a chance to reap the following benefits.

  • Well-Rounded Fitness

Golf might not turn your child into a freak athlete, but it still teaches many important physical skills. The whole body has to work together in one fluid motion to swing a golf club with maximum power. Your kids can develop their balance, hand-eye coordination, flexibility and core strength just by practicing at the driving range.

  • Player Safety

Golf is a low-impact sport with minimal injuries. It’s a great introductory sport to gauge your children’s athletic abilities without putting them in danger. Player safety is one of the main reasons parents are signing their kids up for golf instead of football, hockey and other dangerous contact sports.

  • Improved Vision

Children today spend way too much time indoors looking at screens, which has led to higher rates of nearsightedness and other vision problems. Golf removes the screens, gets your kids outside and requires them to develop their long-range vision. Plus, they get to enjoy the beautiful scenery that golf courses have to offer.

  • Personal Hygiene

Golf is a gentleman’s game. Players are expected to be well-dressed and well-groomed when they step onto the course. They are also expected to clean themselves and their equipment while playing. Golf will teach your kids to take their personal hygiene seriously, which can be a huge challenge for parents.

Social Benefits of Golf

At its heart, golf is a social game. Getting a low score is nice, but it’s not the main reason most people play. Most amateur players only play golf so they can spend time outside with friends and family. Here are some social benefits your kids would experience on the golf course.

  • Different Playing Formats

Golf has several different playing formats that will help your kids build well-rounded social skills. They can play alone and get comfortable with solitude, which is an important part of developing their independence. They can also play in stroke or match play and bond with peers over a shared interest. Golf has a playing format for every personality type.

  • Friendship Building

Sports will always be a great way for children to connect with their peers and build lifelong friendships. Golf is particularly effective at friendship building because it’s a healthy competition, unlike other sports that can get hostile at times. You’ll almost never see two golfers get into an argument on the course. Everyone is cordial and shows good sportsmanship.

  • Business Skills

Golf’s semi-formal nature makes it a great environment to develop business skills. Even if you have young children, golf can still help them get a leg-up on their careers. Golf teaches decisiveness, strategy and long-term planning. It also teaches children to speak with proper business etiquette. Foul language is frowned upon on the golf course.

Mental Benefits of Golf

“Golf is 80% mental, 10% ability and 10% luck”. This famous quote from golfing legend Jack Nicklaus describes the sport perfectly. Golf poses a significant mental challenge to all players, regardless of their skill level. It can teach your kids several important mental traits that will help them in their personal lives.

  • Control Over Emotions

Golf is hard. It takes many hours of practice to become a half-decent player. The game can take a heavy toll on the mind, leading to drastic behavioral changes in the short term. However, it will help your kids control their emotions in the long run. They will slowly learn to calm down and recollect themselves after every bad shot.

  • Confidence

Golf can help your kids develop a great sense of confidence. Every shot is 100% on their shoulders. The game forces you to overcome adversity by yourself and hold yourself accountable. This kind of playing environment breeds confidence for youth players. Once the shots start to fall, they will feel like they can accomplish anything.

  • Honesty

There are many opportunities to cheat in golf by moving your ball or changing your scorecard. Avoiding these temptations will help your kids become more honest, disciplined and responsible people. Golf culture does a great job discouraging cheating and encouraging players to be transparent at the youth level.

Sign Your Kids Up for Lessons Today

Golf can give your children many physical, social and mental benefits. They will quickly fall in love with the picturesque courses and welcoming atmosphere. Sign your kids up for lessons today so they can build solid fundamentals and reap the benefits as soon as possible!

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1 year ago

Taking your kids golfing this spring can be a great way to spend time together as a family, teach important life skills, and enjoy the great outdoors. So why not give it a try and see if your family enjoys this fun and relaxing sport?

1 year ago

It’s so nice to take kids for all weekend to play golf.

11 months ago

Spring is a wonderful time to explore outdoor activities with your children, and golfing can be a great option for parents looking to introduce their kids to a new sport. Not only does golf provide an opportunity for quality family time, but it also offers a chance to engage in Spree Sports, which are activities that promote physical fitness, mental wellbeing, and social interaction. Taking your kids golfing this spring can help them develop a lifelong love for this rewarding sport while also benefiting their overall health and wellbeing.

wordle today
10 months ago

Golf teaches important values such as honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship. It also requires patience and perseverance, helping kids develop a strong work ethic.

Pokemon fusion
9 months ago

Golf can be a great way to spend time with your kids and enjoy the outdoors. Just be sure to consider your children’s age and skill level, the time commitment, and the cost before hitting the links.

Pokemon showdown
7 months ago

Before taking your kids golfing, consider their interests and abilities. If they are enthusiastic about trying a new activity and can handle the patience required for golf, it could be a wonderful opportunity for them to learn, grow, and have fun. Make sure to provide them with the appropriate equipment, offer guidance, and create a positive and supportive environment on the course.

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