Secret to an Amazing Kid’s Birthday Party – Now That We’re Making Plans Again


If there’s one day that kids keenly anticipate throughout the year, it is their birthday. Planning often starts the minute the last guest leaves from their birthday party.  It’s the day when they can feel like they are the center of attention, basking in their favorite things to do.  Experts agree that you don’t have to have a big budget or over the top entertainment to create a magical day.  What is important is making sure that your child and their guests, both kids and adults, are made to feel that they are an important part of the celebration.

Focus on high-energy and inclusive games

Monique Banks and Ariel Banks Baker are the founders of BLUEPRINT party plans, an online service that provides parents with an easy to use DIY party planning blueprint.  They shared that the secret to a great kid’s party is when games are high-energy and inclusive. “Inclusive games at a child’s birthday party are structured very differently than traditional competitive games.  Inclusive games focus on camaraderie and the challenge of the game.  There is never one person left out because the fun comes from the challenge of the activity.”

Give children your full attention

Rae Lynn, a second grade teacher who also teaches a photography courses to children on Outschool, an online teaching platform, says that most important way to make a child feel special on their birthday or any other day, is to give them your full attention, without outside distractions, while doing something they enjoy doing. She says a celebration doesn’t have to be a party. “It could be something as simple as going to the park or completing a puzzle together.”

Consider their unique personality

When planning your child’s party, it’s important to take into consideration the personality of your child. Amanda Kaye Stein, Lead Editor of Little One Mag, says to be sensitive to your child’s emotions and sensitivities. “Talk to your kid and find out what they are actually up for. After so much constant stress over the past two years, a big party may feel more overwhelming than fun for your kid. If your child says what would make them feel truly special is to simply play video games with you or to make a pillow fort in the living room and read books alone all night, let them do that. It’s important to listen to what your child is saying they need, and make sure your celebration takes that into account.”

Make it feel extra special

Creating a celebratory weekend or multi-day event isn’t just for weddings. Especially since families and friends are excited to be getting back together in person.  Karen Aronian, Ed.D. a
Parenting & Education Design Expert from Aronian Edu Design, says that a weekend of celebrations that mimic wedding celebrations can be a lot of fun.  She explains that a Friday
night intimate family gathering can kick things off, followed by a friend party on Saturday and wrapping up the weekend with a grandparent closing lunch on Sunday. “Often kids have different friend groups from other schools or activities, so it’s a great option to host separate events on different days to entertain both groups.”

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