6 Savvy Suggestions to Make Your Home the Neighborhoods Prime Real Estate


If you are planning to place your house on the real estate market, keep in mind that there are various inexpensive ways to increase the value of your home. From upgrading the curb appeal of your house by painting the exterior, plantation or roller shutters or trim to installing new living room window treatments or granite kitchen countertops, you can always find methods of improving your home’s appearance, liveability and value. In addition, you can make these changes without depleting your savings or headrails your household spending budget. 

What major will add definite value to your home?

Here are six relatively inexpensive home improvements that will add both value and appeal to your house and its exterior area.

1. Installing New Window Treatments

One easy and cost-efficient way to give your home’s interior a fresh, updated look is by adding new window treatments. Whether you install new blinds or curtains, or both, these attractive accessories can truly influence the overall decor. You may like the modern, streamlined style of solar shades as well as their capacity to provide energy efficiency. Other good choices are roller shades and Roman blinds. Roller shades are easy to operate and especially attractive in combination with stylish shade pulls and decorative head rails. Handcrafted and sophisticated, popular Roman shades offer soft, soothing protection from direct sunlight as well as simple operation.

If you prefer blinds, there are many appealing designs available in both wood and aluminum. Handsome blinds of natural hardwood will complement ultra-modern, more traditional or even antique furniture and decor. Aluminum styles are recommended for even greater cost-efficiency, although the style is often more associated with offices than homes.

Of course, traditional Venetian blinds are still a favorite choice of many homeowners. They are practical, durable and lightweight. In addition, they never detract from the fabric design of curtains or drapes. Check out this link if you’re looking for some inspiration for choosing the most fashion-forward curtain and blind styles this year.

2. Updating Kitchen and Bath Areas

Most homebuyers are delighted whenever they encounter a home for sale with a recently updated kitchen. New stainless steel kitchen appliances are usually a great help in selling any home. Other items high on the list for capturing the attention of homebuyers and ensuring the sale of your home are new granite or marble countertops, attractive tile back splashes, wide double-sinks and large island counter space well-positioned for convenient food preparation. New kitchen cabinets are also popular with homebuyers. Home seekers also like updated baths with new fixtures, two fashionable sinks, and quality tile walls, floors and showers.

3. Increasing Built-in Storage Space

When buyers view a home for sale, one of the first items on their “must have” list is plenty of storage space. For this reason, house sellers should always consider constructing additional built-in storage areas before putting their houses on the market. If your home already has spacious walk-in closets, especially in the master suite or other bedroom areas, this is a major attraction to buyers. Otherwise, you can probably add a large closet or two adjoining the bedrooms to entice buyers.

4. Improving Interior Lighting

Many people today are sensitive to home lighting, often preferring indirect lighting rather than direct. Although large windows and French doors are in vogue because they lend beauty and direct sunlight to a home’s interior spaces, most people like lamps and soft directional lighting for reading and relaxation. By installing new multi-unit ceiling and wall light fixtures, wall sconce lighting and stylish floor and table lamps with moderate to low-watt output, you will create appealing rooms that are calm, warm and inviting. When installing new light fixtures and wall switches, you can probably connect them to the wiring already in place to cut costs and save time.

5. Refurbishing Flooring and Woodwork

Hardwood flooring is very fashionable and timeless – there’s nothing that adds value to a home quite like them. We’re not suggesting you install them simply for the purpose of selling your home, that likely would not be cost effective, but if your home already has hardwood floors, you may want to refinish or at least wax them before showing your house to potential buyers. Hiring a professional floor sanding contractor is worth the relatively small investment for a dust-free and gleaming timber floor to show your buyers.


Many buyers are also pleased with good quality laminate and tile flooring that is in good condition, and some are always charmed by even small areas of marble flooring, such as in entranceways and baths.

6. Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Adding a fresh coat of paint in a pleasing neutral shade does wonders for attracting prospective homebuyers. If your house has been painted recently or if you own a brick or stone home, just painting the shutters, window frames and other trim will enhance its overall appearance and sales appeal.

What additional factors will increase your chances of getting good home resale value?

Even by undertaking one of the above items for home improvement, you will increase your property’s market value and attractiveness. You need not over-spend when updating or refurbishing various areas of your house to capture the interest of buyers. The best part is, you may even sell your home for a higher price than you think possible.


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