Canopy: Home Wellness Startup Dedicated to Clean Air and Convenience


We face many risks to our health in our day-to-day lives, but the air we breathe shouldn’t be considered a hazard. We are exposed daily to outdoor environmental pollutants, which can take a toll on our well-being. While we accept this risk as being out of our control, we are able to do something about indoor air pollution—which can be five times more dangerous than outdoor pollution.   

Canopy: Home Wellness Startup Dedicated to Clean Air and Convenience

In the past few years, there is mounting scientific evidence that indicates that air within our homes and other buildings can be worse than the outdoor air.  There is also other research that proves that people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors.  So for many people, the risks to their health are greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors.

Who is affected by indoor air pollution the most you might wonder?  The elderly, small children, the chronically ill are the ones that suffer the most— and especially those with a respiratory or cardiovascular disease.

Canopy: Home Wellness Startup Dedicated to Clean Air and Convenience

So what about Canopy?

Or better yet what is Canopy all about?  

There is a new health and wellness startup company called Canopy. This company launched this past August to help consumers breathe easier in their homes. They have a convenient subscription that saves time and money, and ensures the air in your home is healthier.

Customers can get high-quality, micro-allergen air filters for their home HVAC systems delivered straight to their door, saving you a trip to hardware store. Convenience is important when running a busy household – with Canopy, your filters are delivered exactly when you need them.

Canopy: Home Wellness Startup Dedicated to Clean Air and Convenience


  • Inside air can be five times dirtier than outside air
  • Home air filters should be changed at least every three months.
  • More than 58 percent of people don’t change their air filters on time.
  • One in four Americans (24 percent) say their home air filters have never been replaced.

Canopy Makes it Easier When it Comes to Buying Air Filters

When you sign up at Canopy  

Dedicated to home wellness, Canopy takes the complexities out of buying air filters by manufacturing and delivering high-quality air filters that significantly improve home air quality. When consumers sign up at, Canopy will deliver the right filters to the subscriber’s door at the right time. Customers can select their frequency for delivery – ranging from every one to three months – depending on what will best fit the needs of their home environment.    

Canopy: Home Wellness Startup Dedicated to Clean Air and Convenience

Three Benefits of Canopy

Canopy has three huge benefits to consumers— they are healthy, convenient and economical:

  • Healthy– Canopy air filters are high quality and are made in an EPA-registered factory in the USA. They’re Micro-Allergen, which means they trap far more particles than basic filters, but still, allow for a high airflow and bigger energy savings. They’re also Anti-Microbial, which means they help reduce nasty pollutants like bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew in homes.
  • Convenient– With no shipping fees or store visits required, Canopy is a convenient and sustainable option for air filter maintenance.  This way customers won’t forget to change their filter when it is time to do so—and free shipping is a big advantage. Gone are the days of driving to the store for a new filter when customers can have the product delivered directly to their homes.
  • Economical– Experts recommend home air filters be changed every 90 days. Doing so can save money, too; according to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners who change air filters every 90 days will save up to 15 percent on their annual energy bill. When signing up, customers receive their first Canopy filter free and pay only $15 every time a new filter is delivered.  With free shipping and no store visits required, subscribing to Canopy filters is a decision that can literally pay for itself.

You can download the infographic here: Canopy.Infographic

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