Residential Pressure Washing 101: Everything You Need To Know


Residential pressure washing, also commonly known as power washing, is crucial for preparing the exterior of your home for painting.

You should remember that there’s more to your home than its concrete and wood construction. That said, your home’s exterior should be as clean and appealing as its interior. So, if the exterior of your home appears drab or neglected, you can dramatically spruce it up with a bit of effort and a fresh coat of paint.

You’ll need a clean slate to accomplish this task. Before enthusiastically picking up a paintbrush, you need to pressure wash your wall’s surface. It’s like starting a painting with a blank canvas.

To understand its importance further, learn the advantages of pressure washing before you start.

 Advantages of Professional Pressure Washing 

Professional painters may be of tremendous assistance when painting your home. Here are some reasons why you should engage professionals for pressure washing your home’s exterior before painting:

  1. Effective Cleaning

You will need more water pressure than your garden hose can provide to clean your home’s exterior. A pressure washer is 50 times more powerful than a standard garden hose. Using a high-pressure system, you can thoroughly clean your home’s exterior and lay the groundwork for a flawless paint job.

  1. Accessibility To Appropriate Equipment

There is little chance that you own a pressure washer. However, renting one comes with its own challenges, including high costs and lengthy processes. You need to track one down, retrieve it, familiarize yourself with its operation, and return it by the due date.

On the contrary, expert house painters know what they’re doing and have access to everything they need.

  1. Sustainable Outcomes

Painting the exterior of a house takes time and money, so it’s essential to get it right the first time. Cleaning your walls before painting can prolong the paint’s life span by half. Keep in mind that if you keep your house exterior clean, the paint might endure for as long as ten years.

  1. Prevent Damage to Surfaces

Pressure washers have varying pressures, and you must know which setting to utilize for the material in your home. Otherwise, it may create or worsen chips or scratches on your walls.

Professional painters are adept at choosing the appropriate pressure for washing a home. They will ensure that your surfaces look their best without sustaining any damage.

 Downsides of Pressure Washing 

As this process has its advantages, it has its share of downsides. Here are some of them:

  1. Injecting

According to expert painters in Sarasota, spray in a perpendicular direction to the ground or even slightly downward instead of spraying siding at low angles. Pressure washers can force water between the siding boards and into the wall’s insulation and sheathing with high enough pressures.

When using a power washer, it’s essential to avoid getting water into cracks or crevices, such as those surrounding doors, windows, heating vents, crawl spaces, and air vents.

  1. Etching

If the pressure from a pressure washer is high enough, it can break through concrete and brick. Think of the damage this could bring to exterior finishes like wood, vinyl, and fiber-cement. You can avoid this accidental harm if you stand back far enough when aiming your sprayer at the siding.

 Guidelines Before Pressure Washing Your Home 

If you want to pressure wash your home’s exterior, here are some guidelines to follow:

 Safeguard your houseplants, doors, and windows. 

Use plastic sheets or drop cloths to cover shrubs, plants, doors, and windows to prevent water damage. Use duct tape to keep the covers in place.

 Concentrate on the significant debris. 

Rinse the siding with normal water using the pressure sprayer. You’ll need to use a low-pressure sprayer with a wide spray angle.

 Clean mildew-infested areas. 

To remove mildew from the siding, mix one part bleach with ten parts water and use it on problematic areas. A garden sprayer would also work for this purpose.

 Use a cleaning product for a spotless finish. 

Fill your pressure washer with a cleaning solution. Next, spray the solution-water mixture onto the siding, working your way up from the bottom. During this process, the siding should not be subjected to direct sunshine or high winds.

 Rinse the area and leave it to dry. 

Wait around 10 minutes for the solution to take effect before washing it away with water. Then wait for 48 hours, or until the wood is completely dry, before painting.

 Key Takeaway 

There’s no denying the benefits of good pressure washing before painting your home. It effectively removes dirt and dust from the exterior and protects the paint from the elements. However, it’s also important to consider the hands that will control the pressure washer. Consider all the information mentioned above to make informed decisions regarding this matter. Remember that hiring a professional pressure washing service is the best way to save time and money while getting better results.

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