Quick Makeup Tips for Tired Moms


Being a mother is never easy and it becomes particularly overwhelming when you also have a job to take care of, alongside your kids and family. Unless you want all that stress and tiredness to show up on your face at work or while going out socially, you will have to rely on makeup, but you probably don’t have too much time for that either! To help busy and tired moms across the world look their best within a very short time, here are a few, valuable makeup tips that should help.


Regular cleansing is absolutely vital to keep your skin healthy and it is particularly essential before you put makeup over a tired face. Get a one-step cleanser from mapleprime.com and you should be able to clean your face in just a few minutes. It’s actually an excellent place for finding authentic makeup, skincare and beauty products from all the top brands. The cleansing process will hydrate your face, while removing the dead cells and this automatically rejuvenates the skin to make you look a lot less tired.

Maximize the Concealer

When you are tired after staying awake most of the night to feed and cuddle your baby, you will need more than just a few dabs of concealer under the eyes. Apply your concealer along the middle of your face generously, by putting it on your eyelids, forehead, around the nose and chin. This gives the appearance that you are wearing foundation on your entire face, without really having to take the time to do so.

Blush It Up!

A tired face looks droopy and that’s exactly what we are going to counter here by applying the blush high on your cheeks (right on the apples). Follow this up with some blush on your eyelids and even the lips to keep things looking uniform and lively throughout.

Lip Balm is Your Friend

Balms are not just for the lips as they can also hide or at least blur the fine lines below your eyes and may even help your cheeks pop. To add more to the simple lip balm’s utility, you can use it to manage your eyebrows and a few rebel strands as well. If your cuticles (both fingers and toes) are not looking as smooth as you would like them to, just apply some lip balm and see things improve instantly.

Lash Curling Could be Worth It

Curly eyelashes not only look great, they can definitely make you look less tired and more energetic as well. Firstly, the curled-up lashes make puffy, tired eyelids less visible and secondly, they make your eyes look bigger and brighter since light isn’t blocked anymore from hitting the eyes, once you curl your lashes up.

The tips we just discussed should be able to shave off at least a bit of time from your makeup session, enabling you to look gorgeous even after a grueling day at the office or a sleepless night with the baby. Nevertheless, even if you are unable to find the time to do anything at all on certain exceptionally busy days, rest assured that it’s perfectly normal and won’t really matter.

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