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Creativity is important when it comes to knowing how to create a nice suit and tie combinations. Some universal rules have been set in place in order for men to avoid mistakes. Otherwise, all too often one might combine colors and patterns that do not match correctly. The colors and hues are the most important factors to consider when selecting a tie to match your entire outfit. A rule of thumb is to never mix more than three or four colors into a single outfit. If you want specific color combinations that are rare to find at stores, you can order custom ties as these come according to your exact specifications.

Tips to Dress Well With Your Custom Ties

  • Harmonize the colors: your dark suit will match well with a white or sky blue shirt. You can choose a yellow or burgundy tie if you want to wear a white shirt. If you have a grey or brown suit, try matching it with a white shirt.
  • Consider your skin tone: If you have an olive or darker skin considers trying a strong contrast such as a blue shirt with a green tie. If you have a light skin complexion, try to go for sheerer color combinations such as a beige shirt matched shirt matched with a brown suit.
  • Don’t wear different geometric shapes: a striped short will not match well with a checked suit. A regimental tie with a checked short will look better
  • Color and stripe combinations: choose the primary color of a striped shirt and wear a tie that evokes this color. The combination of a striped suit and a striped tie simply does not work.

A true gentleman needs to pay attention to the small details in life and one of them is clothing. Whether you want to give a friend custom ties or want to find a tie that well matches your outfit, there are three critical components that you need to pay attention to when looking for the best ties.

The first component is the color theory. Warm colors such as red, yellow and orange give you a vibrant look. Cooler colors such as purple, blue and green are associated with a calm environment. The whole point of harmonizing colors is to create a balanced look. This involves mixing a warm color set against a cool color. This creates visual contrast and this is something you would like to accomplish when strutting your stylish suit and tie ensemble.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

When you choose a monochromatic color scheme you can easily match with lighter variants such as navy tie against a blue shirt. Alternatively, you may wear a burgundy tie with a light pink shirt. This makes you achieve a sophisticated and elegant look without necessarily having to go out of your comfort zone.

It can also be used in any setting; from office to weddings. This is a safe way to have color combinations that don’t look awkward.


Analogous Color Scheme

This involves wearing ties that are cool colors. This creates a perfect balance and therefore you don’t have to be too bold to introduce an element of sophistication. For instance, you might wear a purple shirt with an olive green tie.

Triadic Color Schemes

This is creating a balance between warm and cool colors. Triadic color schemes include red, blue, green and yellow. Although these are both warm and cool colors, the contrast is not as strong as it would be in a complementary color scheme. This is also a great way to introduce color into your clothing.

Triadic color schemes are highly professional yet versatile and so you can use them at work, and also at professional meetings and formal social events such as a wedding or elegant horse race.

Complementary Colors

These are the most strikingly contrasting colors. You can choose a contrasting color such as orange and a complementary color such as green or yellow. Complementary colors form the strongest contrast. They are also best used in social settings. However, their boldness might appear inappropriate for a professional setting such as the workplace.

Pattern Mixing of Ties to your Suits and Shirts

Similar to colors, tie patterns should create an element of contrast with the suit you are wearing. Avoid mixing and matching three or more patterns as you could end up looking off. Patterns do not necessarily have to be different in order to pop off each other visually. There can also be similar patterns in different proportions. Your pattern proportion should vary in order to achieve a balanced look when wearing your suit.

If the pattern scopes are too close to each other, your overall look will seem too messy. It is advisable to pick a pattern of the same scope but different in proportion.

Polka dots ties are larger spaced and therefore can be used against a narrowly striped shirt. A floral pattern is an abstract design and can still be used with a completely different pattern such as a checked shirt.

Wear a boldly patterned tie to match your small scale shirt pattern. This combination will help you create a great contrast and make a fashion statement wherever you are going. On the other hand, if you have a larger scale shirt pattern, you can choose a tie with a small intricate pattern. This will give you a nice contrast.

The Final Take

A tie is a small item in a wardrobe but it is easily noticeable and can make or break an entire’s suit appearance. You might want to buy a tie for a special friend or want to select your tie to wear in informal and official settings. With these tips in mind, you can select a tie that well matches your suit or shirt. This adds a bit of class to your outfit. A good tie also gives you confidence in how you look. Keep these tips in mind to choose your favorite tie.


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