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In today’s economical phenomena, people get paid to do what they do best. But it’s not just that, for when a person is good at what s/he does, there should be a circumstantial proof for it. The proof for professions with tangible end products could be very much seen. Be it paintings for artists, songs and poems for lyricists and rhythms for musicians. But in the modern world, an avid learner needs to prove what s/he is best in.

To prove ones prowess in the given field, there has to be a token of certification. One look at this token should be enough to understand that the professional knows what s/he is doing. And how can one understand a particular subject in the best manner? It is only possible if s/he has studied everything related to it.

That is what a degree is all about—a piece of paper which certifies that your knowledge of the given subject is enough to get you into the game. There is a reason why degrees are worth the salt—be it online or offline. And the reason is hidden beyond all that preparation behind getting a degree. The credibility of a degree cannot be judged upon on its medium. After all, it is the amount of learning and skill that matters.

Online Degree >/= Traditional Degree

Whenever it is talked about that a person is going for an online degree, it is often frowned upon. Online degrees are as good as traditional ones and there is no hiding that. But just like every other thing in a professional’s career, the medium of degree is very much subjected to personal situations. According to, these online degree programs are best bet for working professionals out there, but don’t make sense for a student who just got out of school and has nothing to do.

Online degrees are very crucial in maintaining a balance between your career and education. Although there is no set matrix to prove which degree works at what time, there can be one for each and every person who aspires to go for it. For this very reason, let’s talk about pros and cons of an online degree.

Pros of an Online Degree

Attend the class from wherever you want…

Online learning keeps is very simple—all you have to do is get a working laptop, an internet connection and wham! You are online and ready to rock and roll. Don’t worry about your commute or where would you park it, what would you get for lunch, nothing. Just get on with your studies and concentrate on only that. You can be in any part of the world and snag an online degree.

…& Study whenever you want

No need to worry about the class times unless the classes are synchronized. An online degree is perfect if you’ve got a busy schedule and you can burn that extra oil to take time out for studies whenever you find it.

Easy Fee Structure

An online degree doesn’t cost as much as a traditional brick and mortar degree. The classes are inexpensive and you can save on commute, lodging, clothes and even food if you are staying with your family.

They’re fast track degrees

Degrees that are online work in a different manner. Online degrees can be over in some weeks if done the right way. Furthermore, there are online accelerated classes to speed things up in online courses. If you are working pro who wants a degree fast, then online degrees are your best bet.

Cons of an Online Degree

This Classroom doesn’t exist

When it comes to getting into a college, one very crucial factor is meeting new people and interacting with them. However, this is almost impossible in online degrees, as the classes are online and you have no idea who’s studying alongside you. The same course could’ve been attended by thousands of people, but you cannot network with them.

Professors aren’t always at your disposal

A college is all about doubts and clearing your doubts with a professor. But you cannot hit your teacher up in the middle of the night on Instant Messenger and to clear your doubts. In a brick and mortar college the doubts can be cleared by running after the professor, but in online course you’d have to wait for the doubt-clearing sessions. Same goes for assignments, of which the doubts can’t be cleared until it is due.

There’s a Stereotype surrounding them

The debate whether online degrees are better or worse than traditional degrees has been raging on for quite a while now.

Online degrees are perfect for people with high aspirations and tight schedules. However, they might not be a good choice if you can afford a regular brick and mortar college.

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linkedin profile writing

Now the world moves towards almost online. all the things you get online. the internet itself a huge market. many peoples now get online education even they have proper degree way. and they are must satisfy. what i think this is all about quality. some universities that exist in a proper place have teachers but their students have no talent.

Alford Fancher
4 years ago

The main advantages of an Online degree are flexibility and cost. You can study from anywhere any time you want. One of the main disadvantages is the lack of face-to-face contact with your peers; however this has been overcome significantly with the use of social media.