Preventing teen pregnancy with technology



If you’re a parenting a teen and think teen pregnancies aren’t your problem, think again. Each year 820,00 teenage girls find themselves in a critical situation by conceiving a child – this loosely translates into the fact that 34 per cent of the total teenage female population has gone through a pregnancy. A teenage girl has her whole life ahead of her when she gives birth to a new child. Peer pressure can do a truckload of damage to any teen – four of every 10 girls admit that they started having sex as early as 13-14 years of age, and in most cases sex was not voluntary. Parents need to keep their teens in check through various tools, one of which is the blackberry tracker application.

The real problem

Having a child in your teens is extremely difficult; it’s like a child taking care of another child. Teens miss out on the fun and easiness they could have lived in without having to take care of a child. Their study, life and health is affected by teen pregnancy and its something that needs to be both monitored and reduced. You being a parent need to take care of your teen and know if there is any chance of unplanned teen pregnancy. Can your teen actually afford to get pregnant?

Preemptive solution

With the Blackberry tracker app you can keep an eye on your teen. Make sure that they’re not hanging out with people that will push them into problem situations. First find out if your teen is sexually active, if so then you need to have the protective sex lecture with her. Use the app to monitor your teen’s texts and figure out whether they’re having sex. The app helps you take a look at every single text that comes and goes to the phone so if your teen is talking about it with their boyfriend/girlfriend/friend then you’ll know. It can reveal whether she’s being pushed and coerced in it.



Talk the talk

A healthy dialogue is important for you to ensure that your daughter stays safe. It’s important that parents have a talk about the birds and the bees, regardless of how cliche it sounds. Teens need to be educated about sex and protection, and that needs to come from parents. A part of this talk needs to revolve about teenage pregnancies and their consequences. Your teen needs to know the kind of risk she’s putting herself into and you have to guide your teen out off that risk. The app will also allow parents to go through your teens calls to see if their daughter is talking to a friend about being pregnant or if she’s having a conversation related to unprotected sex.



Reaching out to the wrong people

The app can also help create browsing history log and help you find out what your teen browses on the internet. Find out if she’s looking at websites about missing her period or having unprotected sex. Is she looking for help on the internet about abortions, pregnancies and anything else? There is extremely unreliable information floating on the internet ranging from information about medication to abort a pregnancy to herbal remedies which don’t really work, but will definitely hurt your teen.



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