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The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Your baby has been born, and it’s time to feed, clothe, entertain and love him/her. At the same time, you may be down to one income, so you need to accomplish all of this without breaking the bank. The loving part is free, but for everything else, here are some money-saving tips:

Swap clothing gifts for larger sizes.


The average baby receives a plethora of newborn-sized baby clothes, which she will outgrow in a few weeks. Simply go back to the store and swap them for larger sizes.

Hit the consignment stores.


Baby clothes are worn for a short period of time, and babies aren’t yet wearing out the knees. This means that the baby-clothing racks at consignment stores are filled with items that look nearly new. The only flaws to watch for are food and milk stains on the front.

Find a store with a going-out-of-business sale.


Unlike your clothing, which must be a certain size, almost any size will work at some point in your baby’s future. If you find a rack with drastically-reduced clothing in all sizes, buy one of each. A nine month outfit will fit your baby before you know it, and so will a 2T.

Use a bib for your baby and a burp cloth for you.


Formula, breast milk and baby food can make stubborn stains, so use an ounce of prevention to save both her outfits and yours. Purchase larger-sized bibs since spit-up and baby-food flinging often overshoots the smaller sizes. The same goes for burp cloths. Cloth diapers provide more shoulder coverage than the narrow cloths sold as burp cloths, and they’re less expensive, too.

Purchase diapers, formula and baby food in bulk.


There is one thing all three have in common. You will use untold quantities of each. Warehouse stores let you buy in bulk and save the gas you would use making multiple trips to the store.

Be creative when it comes to toys.


A baby doesn’t need a room full of toys, but her mind does need to be stimulated. Babies crave novelty, so anything your baby hasn’t seen recently will hold her attention. Get in the habit of rotating toys so your baby doesn’t get bored, and look for other items around the house that can be used as playthings. Just be sure your baby can’t choke on them.

When you put these tips into practice, you will find that babyhood is the easiest stage in which to save money. As long as you give your baby the necessities, plus intellectual stimulation and lots of love, she will be happy.

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