Pregnant and Hungry: 7 Best and Worst Foods to Eat


Most pregnant women report experiencing increased hunger at around the 20-week mark, but others can feel hunger pangs from the very start. Because your body is growing and feeding another organism, it’s important to listen when your body tells you it needs more food.

But how can you best give your body (and your baby) what it needs? If “I’m pregnant and hungry all the time” is how you’re feeling, we’re here to help.

Keep reading as we list the best – and worst – foods to eat if you’re pregnant and hungry.

1. Melon

One of the top foods to eat to sate your hunger is melon. This refreshing snack is full of vitamins A and C, meaning as you work your way through the fruit, you’re getting lots of goodness too.

Melon also contains plenty of water which will keep you hydrated.

2. Avocado

Another great food to eat while pregnant is avocado. It’s full of healthy fats which helps the baby’s brain development.

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3. Full-Fat Yogurt

If you’re pregnant and always hungry, another great food to keep you feeling full is full-fat yogurt. It’s important to up your protein levels during pregnancy, and a portion of Greek yogurt is a great way to meet those needs.

Try topping your yogurt with blueberries and chia seeds for a tasty but healthy mid-afternoon snack.

4. Nuts

Our final ingredient that’s great for when you’re feeling nauseous and hungry while pregnant is nuts. A handful of almonds or cashews is a wonderful way to stop hunger pangs while avoiding triggering morning sickness.

Nuts are a source of healthy fat, and lots of vitamins including potassium, zinc, and vitamin E.

5. Candy

Now let’s move on to the food to avoid when feeling hungry while pregnant. You might feel a craving for candy but this sugary snack will not stop you from feeling hungry for long.

Try replacing candy with sweet but healthy foods such as dried apricots and figs.

6. Refined Carbs

If you’re pregnant and hungry every hour without fail, you might be eating the wrong kind of carbs. Try to avoid white bread, white rice, and white pasta.

These can easily be replaced with wholewheat options that will keep you fuller for longer.

7. Potato Chips

Our final food to avoid when trying to fill up is potato chips. The high levels of salt will make you thirsty, and our brain often mistakes this feeling for hunger.

However, when you’re pregnant and not hungry, it’s fine to indulge in potato chips as a snack if that’s what you’re craving!

That’s How to Fix Your Pregnant and Hungry Dilemma

By opting for organic meals full of protein and fat, it will be easier to keep hunger at bay. But remember that being pregnant and hungry is no piece of cake. Don’t punish yourself when you give in to sweet treats. Instead, keep in mind these helpful and not-so-helpful foods for next time!

If you’re looking for more information about pregnancy or nutrition, make sure you check out our other articles!

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