Physical Signs of Attraction


Although our world has been radically transformed by the internet and digital technology, some things have not changed since the dawn of human history. One of these is face-to-face interaction. Like thousands of years ago, our communication subtly interweaves words and body language, and its nonverbal elements often convey much more than we utter. This observation is also true for the body language of romance and desire.

Of course, with the emergence of online dating, finding a mate has become easier. You no longer have to embarrass yourself trying to chat up strangers in a public place. If a person reciprocates your like on a dating site, you instantly know they are interested, while profile information will help you identify your shared interests. To read more on the subject, visit However, you can still happen to spot your soulmate at a bar or in the street, and this is where you still need your social skills. Reading body language is also essential to understand how well your first date is going, so bear in mind the main bodily signs of attraction.

Reading Your Partner

Social etiquette often causes us to agree to something for the sake of politeness, but our bodies never lie. If your body says “unavailable” or “not interested”, an insightful person will get the message no matter what you say. Similarly, if your potential soulmate keeps staring at their smartphone during your first date, you realize you have failed to keep them interested. This happens quickly and often unconsciously. Once we understand that we like someone, our bodies begin to signal attraction automatically. Here are the five most common indicators of romantic interest that work for both sexes.

  • You may lean toward the person that attracts you. Leaning away, quite predictably, signals dislike.
  • If you tilt our head, this conveys engagement. Looking over the partner’s head, avoiding eye contact or looking around will all indicate lack of interest. Hence, even if you are extremely shy, remember to maintain eye contact as much as possible!
  • Interestingly, both flushing and blushing are how your body mimics the effect of orgasm. Naturally, this is probably the most obvious involuntary sign of being available and very much interested. In fact, it is suggested this evolutionary signal underlies women’s use of blush and bright red lipstick.
  • Increased heartbeat. Your racing heart is another unconscious response to physical attraction. Not only does your heartbeat accelerate when you like someone, but the rapid heart rate also makes this person appear more attractive!
  • You are likely to point your feet and knees at the person who attracts you. It is a well-known sign of interest, whereas feet pointed directly at the door imply you want to run for the hills. This sign was mentioned a lot in the popular “Lie to Me” TV series.
  • A classic sign of attraction is mirroring. This happens when you unconsciously copy the object of desire, either by repeating their speech patterns and gestures or ordering the same food or drinks.

These are only a few of the possible signals of romantic interest, which vary between men and women. In fact, not only do women use more words than men. They also have about 52 ways to signal attraction, while typical males are limited to only a dozen! For example, a girl may play with her hair or touch her earlobes. Primping, pouting and preening (“fixing herself”) are all typical behavioral patterns for women when they feel attracted. An attracted man, on the other hand, may follow his object of desire with a long, lingering gaze.

Knowledge of the intricacies of body language makes flirting rituals much easier. Nonverbal human communication is a widely researched subject. If you want to know more, there are plenty of books to read, including the cult classic “Body Language” by Allan Pease.

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