How Moms Can Overcome Fears Of Dating Again


Out of 13.7 million single parents in the USA, about 80.4% are mothers, according to Goalcast; and, believe it or not, the majority of single moms are hesitant to give love another try as most of them think that the title “single mom” is a deterrent to would-be dates or potential partners. So, they often choose to stay single and focus on their kids’ happiness before their own. However, even for the few who have overcome the stigma, despite reading tons of dating tips for moms, they still have thoughts that hold them back from dating again. 

Is it the Right Time to Date?

Chances are you feel that the time to date is not appropriate, or it will take months before you can find your match. Remember, everyone’s timeline is different; what matters most is to start even if it is at a slow pace. Nonetheless, there are things you must consider before dating again. First, you need to heal from past relationships. Create a healthy mindset about yourself and decide if you are willing to go on a date. Also, be honest about having children from the very beginning, along with what you want and allow them to pursue you. Knowing your self-worth will attract the right partner.

Choosing Online Dating Sites

Today, nearly everyone is dating online; however, for a single mom, online dating can be scary and confusing. There are many dating sites out there and choosing the one that is perfect for single parents seems like a never-ending process. But there is good news is; according to DatingPilot, with proper navigation, online dating can be easy and fun. All you have to do as a single mom is provide the info that’s required (be completely honest about your preferences), and let the rest up to the professionals. 

Letting Love In  

It is understandable if you feel that dating might interfere with the kids’ well-being. However, instead of letting go of the idea to date, consider talking to your children about dating. As a single mother being honest with your kids is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. Let them know why you are dating and reassure them that dating will not affect the bond you have. Although you are not asking them for permission to date, listen to their feedback and concerns. That way, you can notice red flags that may hurt your children when you finally introduce them to your new partner. 

Online dating can be fun and scary at the same time. Finding the right site is a top priority for most single moms. Of course, you want a dating site where you will not feel intimidated because of your status. Therefore, research, read reviews, and dating tips to increase the chances of finding the perfect match.  

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