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Peppa Pig is a great role model for your Preschool aged child(ren).  My husband doesn’t like Peppa, but my son loves her.  Of course an adult might find Peppa annoying, but it’s the child that matters.  Peppa Pig has fun with her brother, George.

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Jacob, my 4 year old, received a really nice back to school prize from Peppa Pig.  It included a back pack, book, shirt, and Peppa Pig School House.  He loves the School House.  Jacob, and his Sissy, age 18, put the school house together.  Though Sarah started College, she still takes time to play with her little brother.  Jacob tears the School House apart, and Sarah will help build it again.  Jacob loves to help build it. 

These items are all top quality, and can be used for years to come.  I know the Book Bag is so steardy.  We are going on vacation in September, and Jacob has it packed full of toys, and it’s so strong, that it hasn’t fallen apart.  You don’t find strong book bags like that often.

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Peppa Pig has a wonderful site for your child to play on.  There are some games that are a must play.  My Jacob loves the games.  He is on his iPad a lot playing with Peppa Pig.

Your child can even watch Peppa Pig episodes on the site listed above.  There’s also a spot for adults.

Join the Peppa Pig Club.  Your child will have loads of fun when you join.  There’s always new contests, and such.  Go take a look.

Check out the News & Calendar section too.  There’s some great news there.

Connect with Peppa Pig:    Peppa Pig’s Site    |    Peppa Pig on Facebook    |     Twitter With Peppa Pig

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