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How often do you go to the grocery store, get home feeling accomplished, start putting the groceries away and get slammed with the realization that you forgot to get the green peppers for the spaghetti?!?!

You told yourself to add them to the list but you were distracted when the kids screamed about being out of fruit snacks and your husband wanted you to grab chips and dip for a night with friends.

We all know the world is getting more technology savvy every day and why not use technology to our advantage? With the Chuze app, that is available on iPhones (App Store) and Android (Google Play), never miss an item again! Chuze gives all of your family access to the grocery list no matter who it is that is doing the shopping!

(This is a shot of the Google Play Store when searching the application)

What makes this app cooler is that there is a built in scanner that can use the barcode of any product and add it to the list! This makes editing the shopping list even easier!! Let’s be honest, we can use more “easy” in our lives right!? Another feature is that the Chuze: Shopping, Deals, Coupons app also organizes you list by the aisle so that you can only make one trip through the store!

This application is literally like a shopping secretary!! A quote taken directly from the site ( “Just select or scan products you want, and Chuze does the rest.

Directly on the website is also a coupons section called the Savings Center!! This gives users free coupons for shopping for their everyday needs and then some!! Where else are you going to find this much help for free?! Don’t wait. Don’t forget! Don’t go through the hassle! Download the Chuze: Shopping, Deals, Coupons app today!



Keep in mind that Chuze  always have games and cash giveaways every week on their Chuze Facebook page too.


Remember to connect with Chuze via their social media  Facebook| Twitter| Pinterest Website.

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